St Patty's Pit Picking =)

Hey KS95,
Can you believe I'm still packing it? Haha. Seriously this sucker was deep! My husband thinks it'll be less than a week and he won't be able to pack it anymore. So I'm almost healed!! Yay! How are you doing? Has yours healed already? Are you going to get laser hair removal or just keep the hair trimmed? Any issues at all for you now that your healed?
Still packing?! Wow, must have been extremely deep! Silver lining is that there's not long left til yours is at the surface!

Mine hasn't healed too lol! 8 days ago it became too small to pack, and my nurse told me that if I continue packing then it'll over granulate which is never good. Right now it's about 0.3cm deep and the incision is about 1.5cm long. However, it was 0.8cm deep 3 weeks ago so it's healing very very slowly compared to earlier on which is annoying .

The hair around it isn't long so I'm thinking of just leaving it until the wound is all healed, and then possibly getting laser removal done. I still haven't decided yet but all I know is I'm definitely removing the hair one way or another as my case was caused by hair.

There's been no problems at all to be honest, the only one I can think of is that the wound can get extremely itchy at times when I'm walking (it's really hot in the UK now too so that's not helping). Is yours itchy/irritated too? My nurse said it's a good sign as it's a sign of healing.

Best of luck with the end part of your recovery!
Thanks KS95. No, we waited until it was closed up. My husband plucked as many hairs as he could with tweezers. I was too afraid of getting clippings in the wound.
Hey I'm sorry about the excessive questions lol but I have another for you. I'm in week 10 now and recently I've noticed some (not a lot at all, just a smidge) blood on my dressing, literally the size of the tip of a pen. Also drainage also comes and goes. Was this the case with you too? I'm scared i may have run into some complications :(
Ask away! =) That's what we're here for. Is the blood keep red or just slightly pinkish? My husband changed the dressings and I honestly didn't see them. He told me that the inside dressings were always moist/wet with either a pinkish color or a yellow (serous fluid) color. Once it was too shallow to pack, my outside dressing was not wet/moist. Do you have a little hole near or around the incision area? I had one towards the top of the side incision. My husband was able to push whatever debris was in there and we used betadine to make sure that it cleans the area of any possible infection. We asked the surgeon about it and he said that the skin could have closed up around the wound and left a little tunnel. It's healed now but that might be the case for you? I don't know if you should push on it or anything but that's what my husband did. It hurt a bit so I told him not to do it again. Does a nurse still come see you? Do you have any more surgeon visits? I'd def. ask about it. My first reaction to anything is that the PC has come back but it might just need a little more healing time or maybe something agitated the area.
The blood is always slightly pink, but yesterday it was like normal blood which scared the hell out of me! I had an appt with my surgeon today and she applied silver nitrate on the wound and it stings like Hell!! I just hope it works and closes the last remaining part. She did say that although it's been slow, it looks like it'll heal as she said I'm 90% there.

She also shaved the area which I thought was weird, as loose hairs could go into the wound and cause problems but she said it's not a problem? Conflicting info from different people is annoying lol
So it looks like I'll be looking into the cleft lift again soon. It's that time of the month for me (first one since my wound closed) and it looks like I have some PD pain below my incision, down the midline close to the anal opening. I had pain in that area before the procedure but not during the healing of the wound. Now that the wound is closed, the pain is back. It's also a little swollen. =/
Thanks Nick. I really wished that was true. But it's def. a flare up. I don't think it's a reoccurrence b/c it's not in the same area. It's a bit lower. I had it before the surgery and I explained to my surgeon that it was there. I think b/c it's hard to see (no visible outside pit or draining) he didn't think it was an issue. It feels like it's extending more towards the right side (opposite side of the incision). Def. was upset about it yesterday but I'm all cried out so now I just need to figure out what the next step is and do it. The silver lining is that it's just a "cosmetic" disease and nothing life threatening.

Elly, go to the Pharmacist/Drug Store and buy a Drawing Salve, they work wonders at drawing out any infection and reducing pain.

Are you going to go and see a doc straight away or wait and see what happens?
I just placed an order on amazon for some prid drawing salve. I'll see how it works. Thanks for letting me know about it Nick! What does it do? I just put it on the inflamed area daily and it helps drain the cyst? If it busts, can you still apply the salve or it wouldn't be a good idea on an open wound?

I haven't contacted my surgeon yet. I have, however, contacted Dr. Bascom's nurse coordinator again. I think pit picking works and it worked for me; this is just another pit. I'm in the mind frame that if I have to have another surgery, I might as well pick the one that could end all future occurrences.
Hi Elly. It draws out infection. I use it when I get really deep pimples and literally the pain goes away overnight, its really good stuff, I use the Iodex brand which I get from Amazon. Just put it on the area and cover it with a bandage so it doesn't rub off on your clothes as it might stain them like my one does. I can't see an issue with applying it to an open wound (its like petroleum jelly - so it doesn't sting or burn) but I personally haven't tried.

I agree you should just go the Cleft Lift, considering possible long term costs associated with getting more Pit Picking procedures (unlikely but this is the worst case) it just isn't worth the worry (financial and psychological).

You should get the Cleft Lift done in Australia.. and have a holiday at the same time :)
It would be a DREAM to go to Australia! haha Can someone who is visiting get the cleft lift down there? I'm guessing it wouldn't be covered and I'd have to pay out of pocket?
eeeks.. i forgot to reply to this sorry..

I'm sure you can! Yes, you would have to pay out of pocket, it will cost approximately $3,500…I don't know if there are higher costs associated with overseas patients….

combine that with flights + accommodation to see whether it is worth doing, and am guessing you would want to bring someone with you while you are recovering…

how is the new flare-up going anyway? has it drained?
Darn, I think it's cheaper just to have a cleft lift in the US. Though I'll have to travel in the US also. =/

Not draining yet, I just got the drawing salve so I'll try it today/tonight. I'll call my previous surgeon and see if I can get some antibiotics too.
Nick, you're my hero. I've had the salve on for like 60 mins and already the pain is pretty much gone. I think I'll still go see or get a round of antibiotics b/c I don't want anything to hinder a possible surgery. But this stuff is pretty amazing! =) Thank you for the heads up!
Thats a new lap record!!!! :cheer:

Glad to hear it Elly. As for the anti-biotics, I agree with you, give them a whirl :hug: