St Patty's Pit Picking =)

First flare up was in '99 then went dormant until 2010 and I've had early flare ups since then. So probably active for 4 years. I just went the antibiotic route. The surgery scared me pretty badly so I decided against it. But I've since changed me tune. =) I'll be getting a cleft lift this coming Tuesday. Looking forward to having this whole chapter of my life over and done with.
Wow that's a long time for it to be dorment! Surgery is the best route I believe, I left my first sinus for 4 years and it was huge! Hopefully yours isn't that bad, keep us updated! I recommend a Probiotic supplement by the way, when I started on them I was seeing a difference in the size of the sinus within 2 weeks.
Hello!!!! Just wondering how you're doing since your last post! I'm on my second flare up this year and this one is much worse so I'm seeing the surgeon again Tuesday the day before xmas eve :(

I'm starting school next month so I'm pretty stressed out about recovery and whatnot. Your updates have helped me I'm glad I found your thread. Hope all is well!
Hey Courtney,
A lot has happened since my last post. I ended up traveling to Oregon to get the cleft lift late July. I'm 5 months out and all healed. I have occasional aches here and there but nothing major.

I'm sorry to hear that your having your 2nd flare up! Does your surgeon preform the Bascom surgeries? Is s/he pretty experienced in them? I'd def. recommend going the route of the cleft lift. The recovery is easier in a sense that you don't have an open wound to take care of. If you're abscess is not that big, the pit picking is def. for you. Just remember you have to keep it very clean (someone should help you with the gauze changes twice a day). Even after you're haled you need to keep the are as clean and well maintained (hair wise) as possible.

Let me know if you have any other questions. I'm glad my experience could help you!
I'm not sure what her experience level is with pilonidal cysts, I didn't think to ask the first visit because I was just so happy to hear that they wanted to leave it lol. That is the first question I will be asking tomorrow because if she isn't I will be suffering through until I find a surgeon who is. I've looked at the surgeon forum a few times but the ones listed are towards Boston which is about an hour from me and I'm not sure I'd last that long in the car! We shall see though! Apparently no one listed in MA does pit picking so that was a bummer but as long as I'm in good hands I have faith!
Good Luck! Wishing you the best on your appt. Let us know know it goes. If things don't work out with the current surgeon, DEFINITELY look into going closer to Boston and finding someone who is experienced with the cleft lift. It was def. worth going cross country to have the surgery!
well she lanced it! Holy smokes did it hurt and so much pushing on it, in it and oh my! I like to think I have a high pain tolerance but this was TOUGH! I posted photos from last night in the picture forum. My fiance won't let me see it currently with the packing sticking out. She told us to remove it after 24 hours and that we didn't need to pack it. Follow up in 2 weeks and we'll see about taking it out! I am definitely in less pain but I don't wanna risk it so I'm still taking the 5/325 percocet. Thanks for your kind words and I'll keep ya posted!