Stealth to Acute Pilonidal

Hey everyone!
First off, just a quick thank you to this website and members. All the information has been very helpful in diagnosing my disease.

A little background: About 7 years ago I noticed a foul smell/puss in my underwear after I would workout, so one day I decided to perform a further self examination and noticed two holes in my natal cleft. I talked to my GP and he informed me of Pilonidal Disease and presented me with the usual options discussed on this website. Since I had no pain and only had drainage every so often, I chose to live with it. Fast forward to 4 days ago, when I woke up with an extreme pain around my tailbone and concluded my disease had gone from stealth to acute. I came back to this website and investigated some home remedies for treatment (castor oil, baking soda, vinegar) and now my cyst is draining.

After scouring this website for the past few days, I have a few quick questions involving topics I couldn't find much information on:

1) The "Living With It" page details some treatment options. Has anyone had success at reducing flare-ups with basic exfoliation, ingrown hair blocking, hair removal, etc.? Is this treatment safe to try after a flare-up? I've heard that around 40 years old is when the hair follicles start to soften i.e., less chance of recurrence, so I am contemplating waiting another 10 years before surgery

2) Does anyone have a breakdown on costs of the different surgeries? I've come across a couple numbers, but in general I just want to know what I can expect with each procedure. I have BCBS health coverage(United States), which I believe allows for a 20% out of pocket/80% insurance coverage

Thanks Again!
does not true the pilo will go after the age 40's , prove ? Im 44 now and I just had it last December .the first time in my life and I m a healthy man
I had the open wound surgery for me it was a nightmare , everything is closed but I still have some pain when I lie on my back .
I heard the cleft lift is the best