Stitched post surgery issues


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Hey y'all, on Oct. 28 2016 I had my surgery and everything went great and even better than expected, so I ended up getting stitches instead of having to pack it (which I've had to do before).

Now, after the surgery everything was going great, had a minor infection but that went away with antibiotics. Soon the stitches healed and everything is looking great so I get to being more active. After I became more active, I felt a pressure building for a couple of days and when I went to the bathroom it burst and only "fresh" blood (so no infection looking stuff or any old blood just new fresh blood) came out, but only a certain amount came out and after it burst and drained it stopped bleeding altogether. This has happened two or three more times and each time it's not as much blood as the previous time.

The stitches were not put together close so I think the surgen wanted it to drain like this but I'm not sure and I might be going in soon. There is a lump like the cyst where I had the surgery. Is this how it's supposed to heal? Is this normal? What's going on?
Very similar situation happened to me.

I had my closed excision 3 weeks ago. 3 tracts and a sinus off to the side were removed. Bump showed up after 2 weeks right above my sinus so made an appointment with my GP. My GP was very worried and insisted I go straight back to the surgery ward. I showed up that evening and the surgeon had one look at it and was ready to put me under a general anaesthetic and open me up again. There were no free beds so he told me to start fasting and return in the morning.

Fast forward to the morning and I turn up and there is another surgeon on call. He looks at it and was not so positive it was an abscess so I had a blood test and an ultrasound. They found a small abscess on the ultra sound but he did not want to give me a general so gave me a local and a lance. He expected a lot of puss but it was almost all blood from my abscess. He marked it down to a hematoma. He put a bandage on and had me return the next day. Blood test came back with no infection. I did a fair bit of driving the week after my surgery so maybe just sitting on it allowed blood to get into the void or simply the cyst having returned or was missed during surgery.

Came back the next day and he had a look at it and he was happy with it. Gave me antibiotics and told me to call ahead if I have another problem. I have an appointment next month with my surgeon but feeling much better.

I saw your post and it was incredibly similar so felt I needed to post my story.

I figured it could definitely come back again after surgery so you can imagine how bummed out I was when I thought it had returned after only 2 weeks. Hoping to at least get a little break from it for now before more surgery.