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For years I had a strange lump that would come and go after a couple days. Recently, in October 2015, I went on a 13 mile bike ride. 1 week later this strange lump came back. Only this time, it didn't go away as usual.

It grew bigger and became so painful I could not walk or sleep on my side. I was miserable. One day it erupted and had such a foul smell. I went to the ER and they opened it up (lanced) and drained it. Unlike most cases, I do not have accessive hair. My abscess didn't even have hair in it. The lancing was very painful and I had learned that I had a Pilonidal abscess. I was packed and sent home and followed up with my surgeon two days later. He removed the packing and did not repack it. I was freaked out that maybe it would close on top while the drainage was still trying to empty and I was afraid it would abscess again. It did not.

My incision from the lancing closed in two weeks. He told me to come back in a month and he'll look and decide on surgery. All cases are different. Some pinolidal issues are chronic and some agent. For me, my surgeon knew I'd be okay. The abscess didn't come back and the cyst was in sleeping state. He checked me out, there was some tenderness. He scheduled me for surgery to remove the cyst. Surgery was so easy. I had a closed excision. Stitches never got infected. (I cleaned them everyday GENTLY with cetephil antibacterial soap and pat dry and kept it covered). Nor did I develop seroma. And I did not have a drain post op. In fact I had zero post op pain. After a couple weeks after the surgery, I did begin to feel shooting pains, but that was just nerves healing. He took the stitches out and my incision never re opened. I say all of this to let someone out there know there are successes out there with these Pilonidal cysts. I advise you to not read every little thing and think your case will be the same. I was blessed with a great surgeon who dealt with these before. So your research with educating yourself about the Pilonidal cyst. Know the difference between the cyst and the abscess. Learn about post op nutrition. Eating eggs, oranges, red meat, drink lots of water to help your incision healing. If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask!!!


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I got them taken out a few days ago. Because I always worried, I kept my incision covered and I asked him should I keep it covered after suture removal. He said no. He said sometimes because of the location some wounds open up after suture removal and usually that happens immediately. I was afraid of that. My didn't reopen. Before he took them out, he took his fingers and gently pulled the incision apart to test its strength and said he anticipates no wound separation. I was very particular about my nutrition. And still am. Making sure well hydrated, lots of vitiman C and protein.


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I'm not trying to discourage you and I do hope you have no further problems. The truth is the wound can still reopen many months after the stitches are taken out. You should have been told this. You do still need to be careful with it because of the location. Again I hate to even say it because I don't want to dampen your spirits but I feel it's important for you and others reading this thread to understand. Best of luck to you.


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Yeah I understand it can't open at any time. My surgeon told me in future to keep pressure off of it and always be mindful. He was talking about an initial opening as soon as stitches are removed. That was my biggest worry. Because I read so many stories of people's surgical incision opening instantly after suture removal. That's what I was referring to. An immediate opening. All cases are different. Some are more chronic than others. My surgeon has dealt with many of these cases so I trust he knows my case well. Thank you for looking out though! All will be fine. So far I've freaked out over nothing and nothing bad has happened or went wrong. I just want to give hope to the people who were once in my situation reading all of the horror stories and think they are doomed.


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No worries about me feeling down after reading your comment. I trust my surgeon very much and he did inform me that because it is a fragile area, it's almost at risk for re opening. He's prepared for me that. I am also familiar with how sensitive the area is because I have clients myself that have a coccyx pressure ulcers and even a little bit of pressure opens ones that's been healed for months. So I don't really have any fear anymore. My incision was really tiny (very small cyst). Incision being an inch if that. So even if it did open (which I believe if won't) it won't be that big of a deal. The lancing experience was the worst of all of it honestly. As long as I can do everything I can do prevent an abscess, I'm GOOD lol if I were told I have to be lanced again, I think I'd faint.


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Just an update:

I plan to keep updating regularly to help someone in the process of their Pilonidal crisis.

I am a week post suture removal. Still feeling great. Never had any drainage post surgery. Still haven't had any drainage or pain. My boyfriend and I love to rough house and wrestle pretty hard core. (We really missed doing that these past couple of months since the Pilonidal crisis started lol) We wrestled last night for the first time and I haven't had any pain or sensations. Still feeling pretty awesome. Reminder that my incision had only 5 stitches. Not sure if that matters. Not very big. It was on the midline. I plan to start back exercising on Monday. Starting out light with a 3 mile walk. And hope to gradually get back into my 1 hour HIIT training that I miss so much. Keep in mind I still am mindful that I'm still healing so I'm watching the pressure on the area with how long I'm sitting. I adjust or stand up for a while if I feel I'm sitting too long. I still pay close attention to staying well hydrated and plenty of nutrition to aid in my healing. Just want people that are worrying encouraged. I haven't had any malfunctions thus far. Everything healed as it should've. The only drainage I've experienced was from the lancing and the normal continual draining post lancing for a week or so. That is normal. Stay encouraged, continue to educated yourself on the pilo. Stay safe and know that you're not alone.
wrestling. riiiiiight.

@krisrenee and @LILLY your comments are very helpful to me. I'm about to go to surgery on the 7th. doctor is going to remove the cyst and also remove the sinuses. (apparently I have two sinuses).

I flared up big time 2nd week of december but towards mid to late december it went down. right now its completely down so i'm even more comfortable with the surgery wont be as much work. and since my cysts is flared up (not even really there at the moment), i'm hoping there wont be much cutting to do, and i would heal even quicker.

thx for the nutrition reminders, i will take note. worse thing i'm going to miss is hitting the Gym. I already have a regimen for work outs where i don't have to sit or bend much.


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If you have a primary closure excision, your incision will be closed up in about two weeks or so. Just really have to overdose on nutrition. I work with an elderly woman who once had a gaping pressure ulcer on her tailbone. She had it debrieded.. It's kind of the same concept. But we rammed lots of protein, vitamin C, zinc (careful with zinc/you can get too much) and water and she healed up nice. That area is difficult because it gets little oxygen. So keep it clean and dry post surgery. You may have zero post op pain like I did. I didn't even feel like I had surgery. Even if you feel like this, you still should take it easy first two weeks or as surgeon orders.


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3 weeks post op (excision with primary closure). Still doing great. No pain. No drainage. No incision re-opening. Incision line is healed. Suture holes are scabbed. Cleaning daily with cetephil antibacterial soap and keeping area dry.
took place today around 3pm ish. as mentioned they did a removal of the cyst , removal of the sinuses , and closed it with a flap.
so that's that. maybe it's the meds but it's 9pm now and i'm feeling fine.
haven't had to use the percocets, yets.
i can do pretty much everything except lay/sit on my bum , or bend over all the way.

thanks @krisrenee

I am now 1 month post op. Had my first HIIT workout today. 30 min. I didn't have any pain or weird sensations in the area at all. Showered immediately after. Did NO an workouts on floor that required me to sit down. And I plan to never do that again lol anyways. Feeling good. Glad to be getting back into shape after being restricted since October. Gained a few lbs and now I'm ready to be back to me. Makes me appreciate my health all the more now since I've been through it. Taking the extra steps to take better care of myself even more than I have before.
good stuff. no it wasn't that big of a deal this time around.
so far so good. feeling better now. still can't sit down perfectly/no driving yet either. giving it another day or two.
and i plan to go back to the gym later this week.
lots of stuff i can do with out having to sit or put pressure back there.
lets see what happens 1/2/3 years down the road.
I've been doing my workouts all week. No tearing or anything. Some tingling going on around the area today but I'm assuming it could be more nerve healing. It's like some of these wounds think exercise is a drug. Mine anyway. Seems to be healing better. It looks better and better each day.

-1 month 1 week post op

Still doing great. No drainage. No re-opening. No pain. Occasional tingles within. (Still nerve healing). Feeling great. I think about it less and less each day. Still keeping it clean and dry paying special attention to it. But I feel like it never happened.
6 weeks post op today. Still doing great and feeling great!! Bumped up my HIIT training to an hour a day. 5 times a week. No tearing and no pain. Feels good to be back active.

@FCISCONYC how is your recovery going?


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2 months post op!! Still no troubles at all!! Been working hard to get back into shape and I have been having zero complications!