Surgeon in 2 hours...still growing. help!

So here it is the top image is pulled apart as much as possible the second is natural. I'm very anxious about the appt as I've never had surgery or anything like that not even stitches. Any input or advice will help.
Are you actually having surgery or just a consultation?
Just read it now. Hopefully with the pain meds, you won't feel to much the next few days. Wishing you a speedy recovery! Did she also give you antibiotics this time around or just lanced it?
Sorry I never got back to you! I must have missed the alert! I've been on antibiotics since it first flard. Started on keflex and switched after 6 days to doxi and have about 5 days left on them. Virtually no pain just a little itchy. Posting pictures of the healing process and in the discussion forum because I'm worried it shouldn't look like this.

Thank you so much for your advice as well as kind words!!!
This is it 4 days post lance

2nd image has a flash took the first one after because I thought it made it look more yellow than true color. Does it look like it's healing or getting I fected? I'm very concerned by the color. No foul smell or pain however