Surgeon in NYC or surrounding areas?

Hello everyone, I'm new here.
My name is Danielle and I'm 22 years old. I've had a Pilondial Cyst now for almost a year and I'm currently seeing a doctor who keeps telling me to just ignore it until it abseces badly. Obviously that is not helping. It's paninful, hard to sit without having discomfort, driving is getting painful as well. I'm taking 2 epsom baths a day and it's really hindering my everyday life (competitive runner). I'm looking for a surgeon in the NYC area and surrounding areas that perform the Bascom or Cleft Lift procedure so I can get this rid of for good. Also, if you know who accepts GHI/Emblem Health Insurance. Thank You in advance!!! This isn't fun to have at all and I'm really looking forward to getting it fixed and enjoying my active lifestyle.
I don't know if this is in NYC but user GirlBooty had Dr Dorene Zerfas from southtown surgical in orchard park, ny do her cleft lift. She has a thread on here documenting her recovery. Also user Brandonw went to the same Dr. and had great results as well.

Hope that helps a little! If that's not an option for you. Check out the thread about NY doctors: You might be able to find someone closer to you from there.