Surgery cost

Surgery cost

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Not sure I should have voted - in France if you have minimum health insurance ($15 a month) everything is free for surgery and aftercare. (Except the saltwater - had to buy that myself!)
My son's surgery was two hours long, and cost $6,000 just for hospital, labs, and anesthesiology. The surgeon's fees are seperate, but since insurance covers all of it I haven't yet seen a bill from her.
This thing won't let me vote in my own poll.[:((] I got the "bill" today and it all totalled up to $2300. Each office visit costs $150...does that seem like a lot to pay for someone to look at your butt?


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My surgeon bill (including post-op check-ups) was $967. This was the excission only--not the lancing and follow-ups I needed 3 months prior to surgery.
hospital out-patient (5 hours total stay) $2,694.84
anesthesiologist $638
plus various lab tests and pathology tests

and, in pre-op lab tests, they found me to be anemic, so, I had GP visits and follow-up labs for that.

Thank goodness for good insurance--$2,000 out-of-pocket total for the year!
In Australia it was FREE. I just had to wait about 18 months for surgery. Didn't really bother me as it wasn't causing problems. Performed by a Colorectal sergon too and included an overnight stay in hospital.
Here in Italy these kind of operations are FREE u go to yr family doctor then he sends ya to to surgeon and he will visit ya (just yu have to pay for the visit something like 17€ )and within a month u should get yr op. and afterwards some check ups
Personally speaking, i havent the guts to get the operation [X(]
We live in the UK, so it was free. On both occasions the op was performed the same night as asking - no waiting around. Such a relief.

quote:Originally posted by Cyst-sufferer

maybe i should rephrase this, how much did your surgeon charge you for his/her services?


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I think I need to move! I am currently job hunting just to get decent insurance so that I can have the surgery. If you are poor or uninsured in the US then too bad so sad. :(
wow- compared to everyone here, my surgery was waaaaayyyy expensive! just my anestesia (sp?) was $700. my surgery cost (for just the surgery i believe) was between 10,000 and 20,000 dollars. see, im only 15, and my mom wont tell me the exact amount. i think $10,000 i VERY expensive for someone to operate on my BUTT!
This is a really interesting topic. Mine was completely covered by insurance (military dependant). I'd be curious to see what the costs would've been. Mine was done by a colo/rectal surgeon and included a four day hospital stay. I didn't get much info but I guess it turned out to be a whole lot worse than what he had expected. I'm going to find out how much it would've cost and let yah know.
My first two excision surgeries were done for free on the NHS as I had to be admitted via A&E (they both had painful abscesses) however my definitive excision surgery was a 5 week wait so I went private. My consultations cost £120 each (one pre-op, i expect about 6 post op) and my surgery cost £280. I had my first consultation on Friday night and had my op on Wednesday morning. Luckily my work medical insurance ia paying for the surgeons' bills!
surgeon fee's were only $900 ... a flat fee of $100 for an infinite amount of visits and $800 for the excision of the cyst. however, the hospital fees were like $6000. luckily, i'm still covered under my parents insurance and i barely had to pay anything.
Update: Turns out £280 was only the cost of the surgery, I've since found out that the hospital costs (Bed for 2 days, food, nursing care) were an additional £1430! I thought it sounded too good to be true!


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My last surgery (third total) cost a little over $7,000.....God bless medical insurance!


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I have no idea what it would normally cost here, insurance is paying everything (surgery, anesthesia, surgical assistants, post-op supplies and a nurse to come to my home). Only thing I pay will be the actual visits to the doctor ($10 each, once when it first inflamed, a follow-up, the surgery consultation, and twice more, once for a physical 1 week before and once for a follow-up with the surgeon 1 week after, so my expense will be $50 plus $10 for each prescription if needed). Anyone in the L.A. area who knows what it normally costs?

My surgeon's consultation (back in the early part of 2002) was $241, but, with insurance coverage, she only got $78 of that...

The actual cost of the surgery itself was in the $600 range; surprising, because I thought it'd cost at least $1,000...

The anesthesiology part...not remembering how much that was, but the hospital's charges (the MAC anesthesia probably was included) was nearly $3,000.00

What price can we put on our health?? I think that larger hospitals, esp. in the city, will cost more. Ppl can also expect to be charged for being in the recovery room, as well as incur all the charges for medical supplies, etc. It's great if you have 100% coverage; a lot of ppl, including ourselves, have a $500 deductible and an out-of-pocket expense of around $1,000 after 20% is met. It can get quite confusing, too...