Surgery cost

Surgery cost

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I am only 3 weeks post op, but so fay the charges have been around $5,500 for the operation and hospital stay(including all the in hospital goodies and labs.) Currently I am waiting to find out if I will get financial assistance from the state of KY, because I am a full time student and have NO income and NO insurance. Everyone pray that I will get the assisstance.
My surgery was about $3,000.00, hospital included.(same day surgery)
Free and instant admission every time its flared up. Waited a few days on the emergency list but I can't imagine having to pay for it... I think I would just put up with it if I did because theres no way I could afford it.
Hi, I had the surgery in Houston, TX and here are the costs. I'm including both the "submitted" costs by each provider, meaning the costs that would be incurred w/o insurance. And i'm also posting the contracted rates, the amount the insurance company actually allowed them to charge.

Here are the costs, non-contracted rate

Anesthesia - $1000
Lab work - $200
Surgeon - $1,185
Hospital Charges - $7000

Here are the contracted rates:

Anesthesia - $504
Lab work - $177.30
Surgeon - $550
Hospital Charges - $575

And of that, I owed a total of around $150.
i wuz billed around $10,300 for the hospital .. n each surgeon cost for surgery wuz $1000 .. each surgeon sitting cost around $220 ( i had 3 already ).. n i dnt know how much the anesthesia doc charged me .. so yeah it wuz hella expensive.. my insurance pays 90% wid $200 deductible !
In Canada it's free as well. I had it lanced in Ireland a year or so before and that was free as well. Also the post-op care provided by the nurses in both countries was free :)
kitteh;63730 said:
Wow, I just found out that my surgery is only going to be $461. I thought it'd be a LOT more than that! :eek:
Haha, that amount was for the surgery only. The facility fees were almost $800 and anesthesia was $450. Still not that bad, imo.
My HMO insurance paid for everything, as long as I had the surgery at Barnes Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, with a Dr. Mutch, who did a fantastic job, but the total bill added up to just over $5,000, plus the cost of my pain killers and the saline solution and packing materials.
Wow. I didn't realize so many countries don't charge citizens for hospital visits/surgery. I haven't had the surgery yet but thankfully I have really good insurance. Last July I had my tonsils removed and that cost $11,000 and I had a different laproscopic surgery in December that cost $10,000 so I am guessing this surgery will be in the same price range. I was left with about $1000 I had to pay between the 2 of them.
I was charged exactly $1000 for my surgeons fees. I was given a discount for paying in advance with my credit card. The fee would otherwise have been $1700.
Just got my cost breakdown for my insurance providor. I live in VT, just about everything is expensive here! Here is a breakdown:

Facility Services:$2,000

Just over $7000 which isn't as bad as my previous surgery ($10,000 and $11,000). Thankfully I have insurance and i'm left with a small %.

just like many other lucky people i got my surgery free since i live in canada. an american nurse who moved to my town assured me i would be in debt for a while with my 2 surgeries and total of 13 months of nursing care + physiotherapy + about 4 dozen big boxes of medical supplies. great for an unemployed 19 year old who would be uninsured elsewhere (just an asumption)
Mine will be free. Lancings were free too. Don't believe any of the hogwash about Public Health Care "not giving you a choice", "not working" , "poor quality" etc The ones that help promote how bad it is are the the same ones that don't want you to have public health care. These are also the same ones making scads of money....[}:)]insurance companies, for profit hospitals, etc.. Don't stop fighting for public health care... we have to fight to not have it taken over by those who want to profit, and you guys in the U.S. need to fight to get it. You deserve it. We all know being healthy is important and necessary for everyone.:)
Well, here in Croatia if i go through the general hospital where they "claim to do" the surgeries... they're really messed up... and i would still have to pay some % of the cost + they dont do a total excision as far as i know.

So i went to the private clinic ... hmm the costs were

1st exam was around 70 $ and he ordered me up for the week after since he had a holiday planned lol, otherwise it would be the next day...

and the surgery in total was about 1400 $ with all the rest of the follow-ups free (there was i think 5 or 6 of them)

so surgery itself was about 1500

and if you count all the dressings, gauzes, tapes & all that stuff needed for months after surgery, you get to a nice round number about 2000$ ...