Surgery Log

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Im doing ok. I havent done the second packing change yet today, but i did try and get a peak at the packing. Its been about 10 hours, and it isnt soaked through yet, so it looks like it has gone down. I never really experienced much draining to begin with, and even this time compared where it was the most I've had, it still seemed less than most others I've read about. We'll just have to see in a bit when I take it out. Last night and today were probably the most painful, in the sense that it was kind of consistently sore all day, but still the pain was extremely tolerable (still nothing even close to my lancing pain). I'd still say I'm doing real well.

Pilo14- I know its a little embarassing to discuss in the workplace, but have you considered presenting the information to your boss or to the HR people? Maybe there'd be a way that you could do some work at home during that second week to make up for it (not sure what your job entails).
Hey - I finally got my VP to be involved, and we're just waiting for HR to respond. It just doesn't make sense - pay for vacation, but dock for medical reasons. We'll see - hopefully it works out. And yeah, I can't believe I didn't think of "working at home" I've done it before - and I did suggest it to my VP just in case, we'll see - keeping my fingers, toes and eyes crossed..hahhah! :)

I'm glad you're doing ok - just hang in there - and that's for all yous!
We thought that everything was back to normal. The blood that was showing up on the packing was bright pink, and there really didnt seem to be much of it, so all seemed good. Well, this evening we attempted a quick packing change. There was a little bit of blood on the packing, but mostly just exudate. As I removed the packing I began dripping blood, which of course freaked me out. I mean it wasnt pouring out excessively or anything like that, but still. I don't mind seeing the blood on the packing, but was not excited to see it running down my cheek. I knew it wasn't a burst capillary or anything like that, but it was enough to worry me. Being 7:00 on a Friday night the doctor was obviously not in, but was paged and one of his partners called. He said some bleeding is still normal, especially with packing changes, and nothing to worry about. Guess I just wanted some reassurance. I'll be soaking and changing the packing again tonight, so hopefully that goes well. Besides that I'm still doing good. Still can't sit, and am in some pain, (might possibly be the healing, cuz it does feel a little like pulling, but I dont know if its too early), but still very tolerable. HOPE EVERYONE ELSE IS STILL DOING WELL!!!

Pilo14- getting the VP involved was probably a good idea. And the fact that you offered to work from home if necessary shows that you're not just trying to get out of work, ya know? Obviously I dont know your employer or anything like that, but hopefully by pushing the issue you'll get it resolved.
uwpsocr13 - Hopefully the bleeding has calmed down a bit - that does sound a little scary! If it helps at all, when the nurse changed my packing today, she commented, "It's bleeding, that's good." That of course, worried me - I thought she meant it was dripping or something. She explained she just meant there was some blood on the gauze when she swabbed out the wound, which she said was good because it meant there was good circulation to that area. Hopefully, that's what's happening to you too.

pilo14 - Glad to hear the work situation is starting to get itself resolved - I hope it all works out!
Yea, the doctor that called mentioned something about its the body cleaning itself and healing the area by sending blood to the area. There was still some blood on the gause this morning, but also a fair amount of exudate, which I know means its healing. I see the surgeon on Wednesday. Im looking forward to him seeing the wound and being able to tell me how its doing and if its closed up at all. Unfortunately, the appointment is also for him to clean out the wound and any dead tissues. I fear this will be painful, but my mom said looking into the wound she can't really see anything that would need to be cleaned out.

Northern- How r u doing?
I'm doing well. I was exhausted yesterday and the packing was in really tight so it was uncomfortable so I didn't go anywhere, but today I've got more energy and the nurse packed it looser so I went out in public for the first time since the surgery (I've been really cautious, probably overly cautious). My dad came by and took me to the grocery store (yes, a really exciting first outing:)), which was good because I didn't have to drive (I used my carcush and spent the first part of the ride finding a comfortable position). I found walking not to be a problem at all, though I'm walking a little more slowly just to be on the safe side and after the first couple of minutes, the car ride was actually fine. I do think I'm being more cautious than I need to be - I could probably do more than I'm doing, but I'm just hoping for the smoothest recovery possible. Hope you're doing better, uwpsocr13!
Two weeks after surgery

My surgery was Monday, December 17, so today is the two week mark:) - yay!

Sitting has become far more comfortable, provided the packing isn't in really, really tight (but my home care nurses are still packing it relatively tight since they feel it will heal too quickly otherwise which could lead to a recurrence). Standing is very comfortable and I can walk almost normally (not at an exercise pace, but at a good grocery shopping pace :)). I am only taking my pain med (one Tylenol 3 with Codeine) an hour before my packing (and that's more of a pre-cautionary thing).

The only thing I still find very uncomfortable is sitting in a car, even with my carcush - I think it's the way the seats slant and sort of push you up against the back of the seat. So I could definitely go back to work today, provided I didn't have to drive very far to get there. Fortunately for me, I've got another week off before I do go back.

Good luck to those of you with surgeries coming up this week and to those of you still recovering. Happy New Year - here's to a pain-free, drainage-free, pilonidal-free 2008!
Congrats NorthernGirl - keep on trekking! I had to re-read this thread again today in efforts of "preparing" for the surgery tomorrow. I am pretty darn scared. I know my period is coming too, which is not the coolest thing to deal with in conjunction to the surgery post op. Also, I found that I am having some headache problems - gotta admit, yesterday's early morning headache was definitely due to a hangover, but it went away. It returned around 10PM last night, I tried to just sleep through it, hoping it would go away. Well, this morning, I feel congested and got this throbbing head. Due to the surgery, I am only allowed to take Tylenol which doesn't even work.... :(
pilo14-So you are going into surgery tomorrow? That's good to hear-I'll havee a recovery buddy! ^.^ And I''m doing the same thing you are....trying to get myself ready for tomorrow's surgery. I'm nervous as all get-out. What did ya'll do to help get rid of the pre-surgery jitters?
GO TIME tomorrow!! Lirann - good luck to you too! I have to share that I just had a big lunch of my favorite food and tonight, I'll have a great meal too. I'm going into this with a positive and happy attitude! I don't know if you're into audiobooks (I have a long commute, so I often listen to audiobooks), but my mom bought me (as a gift) this "Self Healing with Guided Imagery." I started listening to it, and basically it takes you through this imagery (almost like hynosis but not), and you help your body heal yourself from within. I have read articles about it and it has significantly made a difference in the facilitation of a speedy recovery. Also since I have "experienced" the lancing, and the aftercare of my own wound, I sort of know what to expect (care wise) - so I made my bedroom very "Post Op" friendly - hahaah!! :) I got me some books, I downloaded some good music and audiobooks on my IPOD, I bought some bottled water, some V8 and some Protein Shakes which will be kept in a fridge in the bedroom. I am excited to tackle this head on and move on to the recovery - you should be too! (ok, ok, I'm still freaked out a bit, but I guess that's normal).... ;)
Oh yeah, there is some ice cream in my freezer that is gonna be devovered tonight after work, and then I'm thinking about a nice long shower with my favorite black cherry candle burning. and then I'm will probably have a light supper, since that is what my doctor recommended. and then just wait for the phonecall from the hospital telling me what time to go in for the surgery. >.> but yeah, still nervous. And I agree with you, the lancing SUCKED. I never want that again. (That's why I am glad they are knocking me out for this :D)
Hey guys, just wanted to say good luck for tomorrow.
I myself go for my first post-op appointment on friday (fingers crossed for no bridging), where he'll clean it out and stuff. I know theres no way not to be nervous, but if your experience is anything like mine, then you're in good shape. My surgery was basically one nice long nap. The lancing definitely sucked (worst thing ever), but I havent experienced anything nearly that painful with this surgery (mostly just soreness, or a brief pain for an instant). Obviously everyones different, but I hope that both of your surgeries go as well as mine has gone. It sounds like you both have taken care of business as far as preparing for it, and that would be my biggest advice. Good thing to have movies, books, etc (books especially for those long soaks in the tub). Also, make sure to keep taking your pain meds. I took mine mostly to prevent the pain, and although it was all very tolerable, they give them to you for a reason... so dont wait for the pain set in. Vitamins are also really good, and make sure you get your protein. Other than that, Good Luck. Try not to be too nerous, It'll all work out, and you'll be on your way to being done with this forever. Good Luck,, and please let us know how it goes!
Oh of course, I will let ya'll know how my closed excision goes. And as far as keeping me entertained, that is what World of Warcraft is for :)
Good luck tomorrow pilo14 and Lirann - you will be so happy when it is all "behind" you:D!

Before my surgery, to relax myself, I would just look at the clock and think, "In 12 hours this will all be over", "In 4 hours I'll be back home resting", etc. But that imagery idea sounds great too.

If you're looking for other ways to get more protein, you guys have a cereal down there called Special K Protein Plus that is great for lots of different vitamins and for protein, doesn't have much sugar and actually tastes really good. I got my parents to pick me up a few boxes when they were in the States a month ago and I find it's a great way to get more protein. Unfortunately, we don't have it in Canada.
Hahaha! That's funny - when it's all "behind" you. That's great! I totally can't wait - I got this naaasteee headache and I hate Tylenol, it just isn't working. Thanks uwps and northern for the best wishes!
Hey guys!
So I had my open excision surgery today!

I arrived at 9:30AM, and was in my pre-surgery gear by 10:30. They put the IV in and my doctor said hello and answered all my questions. My lovely nurses escorted me up with me carrying the IV bag. They walked me right into the operating room, I met all my doctors for the procedure (all female, only my surgeon and anesthetist were male), and they lay me down. The ceiling started to sort of sway, and I was like, "you put something in there didn't you," and they were like, "yup," and next thing I know, there I was in my comfy recovery chair. My doctor said it was pretty deep and went all the way to the bone, but it looked good. They gave me some ginger ale, and about 20 minutes later, I was on my way home by 12:30PM!

It's kind of sore right now, but I'm totally awake and feel so happy it's all over with. It'll hurt like a mofo in the next few days, but I'm hoping for the best.
I just wanted to get this all down while it's still fresh in my memory. I've been watching TV and eating pasta since we got home [|:)]

I'm going to take a picture of it every day so we can do a time lapse of the healing process.
Thanks for everyone's support and I'll come on here frequently to let you guys know if it's healing :D :D :D
Yay Pilo14 and EnchantedCheese! You won't necessarily be in extreme pain at any point in the recovery process - I've never been. Just take your meds when you need them (especially before packing changes) and take it easy for a while. Have a great recovery!
Uwps and Northern Girl - got a question for you both. I don't remember what meds you guys were on. I'm on Vicodin and it sucks. I was on Vics when I got my lancing, but I would alternate it with Ibuprofen. But I read that IB is an anti-inflamatory which interferes with the healing process. Do you guys take your meds every 4 hours? I feel so drugged up and nauseated but I'm afraid to skip it for fear of the pain. I will call my doc and see if he can prescribe another type.

I asked for a visting nurse to change my packing for the first few days, my fiance said he'll learn, and I explained to him that it's pretty gory and it is a commitment (haha, sounds like getting married, lol), and he said he'll try. If he cannot do it, I'll have to do it instead. At what point did you guys start doing it (Uwps, was it you? or was it Britt? I don't remember).
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