surgery tomorrow help

First day was moderately painful, but he scored some great pain meds from the doctor! Very helpful! He slept a lot.

We purchased a pillow -- but a donut pillow doesn't work. It has to be a pillow with the hole in the back, so no pressure on the tailbone. I think they call it a coccyx pillow. But honestly, he didn't really use it.

After the first day, he was gently walking around, carrying his suction drain bottle with him. He reported a little pain, but after the first day or so, he skipped the prescription meds and just used ibuprofen, and said that was fine.

I guess ANY surgery will involve SOME pain -- they ARE cutting into your body, after all! But it seemed to me that the pain was the worst on the first day, and after that, not too much. He certainly wasn't running marathons, but he was up and mobile, if only slowly and carefully, at least the first few days. But he never seemed to feel it was TERRIBLE. With meds from the doc, it was definitely manageable. And as I said, it was really only for a relatively short time. As I said, he went back to classes (college) 5 days after the surgery. So he was able to get around and sit for an hour at a time within less than a week!

I think you'll do GREAT! I really think the worst part is the worry ahead of time! I know my son really worried about the pain, but within a day or two, he said, yes, it was uncomfortable, but NOTHING like the pain of the cyst! SO that means you've already dealt with most of the worst pain!

Try not to worry too much about it. If you do, it will prey on your mind, and you'll suffer much more (BEFORE the surgery!) than you need to. I know, easy for me to say. But really, you should rest easy knowing that it's really not that bad. Probably not much (if any!) worse than what you already had done!

Remember, once this is done, it's extremely likely that this will be the end of this (pardon the pun!) for you! Never again will you have to suffer from pilonidal disease! What a relief, eh?

P.S. My son had his surgery on 9/19, and is doing fine now. He did have a slight issue with his clothing rubbing on the slightly raised scar tissue, causing a small area of chafing. We are treating that. For that, I recommend avoiding tight pants with a seam up the back (jeans, trousers) unless you cover the scar. (He wears a lot of those loose, elastic-waisted athletic shorts now.) I got him a box of panty liners for him to use when he had to wear jeans, which he stuck to the back of his boxers to cover the scar area. This worked fine (although I think he was pretty embarrassed to have to use panty liners!)

What is a suction draining bottle?? I'm not to worried about the surgery but again surgery is not for another 6 weeks. So by then I'm sure I'll be worried. I just had a surgery done two weeks ago for a philodinal cyst that was really painful.
Different docs use different drains. My son had only one drain hole, at the top, with a tube coming out of it, and a squeezie bulb on the end. We would squeeze the air out of the bulb and plug the drain hole in it, and it would apply passive suction to the wound, filling the bulb with fluids. Periodically, we would unplug the bottle, drain the collected fluid, then squeeze the air out and plug the bulb's drainage hole again. Simple. No mess at all!

This surgery will likely feel similar to what you already had. Was it the surgery that was painful, or the cyst?
The cyst was painful and wasn't draining correctly so I had surgery where basically they drained it and took out.all the gunk out. Was up and going day they have me percasets and I didn't even
I had a drain hole and just a tube that drained into my gauze pad I think, depends on the surgeon and I think it was removed the next day...
Ok. Thank you both so much. You two have been very helpful to me. I really appreciate it. I feel like most would just push it aside. I'll keep you,updated and if I have any questions or concerns I'll ask. Although kittygirl how was your experience with cleft lift?
Ok. Thank you both so much. You two have been very helpful to me. I really appreciate it. I feel like most would just push it aside. I'll keep you,updated and if I have any questions or concerns I'll ask. Although kittygirl how was your experience with cleft lift?
good, I had minor complications with a draining hole, the rest healed quickly but the little hole took awhile, it's almoooost any rate, you'll be fine, the cleft lift is the easiest and best of the surgeries we have to heal will really mostly just have to change the bandage daily once the surgeon says to.....
How long were you out of work or school.
I'm all done with school and I'm currently unemployed.....sorry that I can't help with a time frame there...but really you're probably not going to want to sit the first week then you can try it for little bits of time, stopping when it hurts then trying again later.....I mainly stayed off my butt unless I had to for the first two weeks, using a coccyx pillow when I had to sit which helped...around week 3, I gradually I tried to sit more as I could, I still would sit with a pillow for awhile on hard surfaces...sitting backward took the longest....
Well I'm still in high school so I was planning on one or two weeks of being out of school. But I would be sitting for approximately 4 hours and then I would have a 1.5 hire internship at a preschool.
Doctor also said that my cysts are near the midline is this a bad thing? And the one he just drained two weeks ago was right on my tailbone. Is this bad?


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No, in the surgery, they make the incision off-midline and create a flap, which they pull back revealing the cyst and sinus tunnels. They deal with that, trim the flap in order to make the cleft less deep, pull flap over and stitch it in place. The whole idea is for them to make the cleft more shallow, thus making cysts less likely to form due to less favorable conditions -- a deep cleft which is a warm, moist environment, ideal for growth of nasty bacteria.


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Make the environment less favorable, infections do not occur!

Works great! Completely different approach from uninformed surgeons, who just cut out the infected area. This does nothing to resolve why the infection started in the first place! Remove the cause, remove the result!
And I feel very confident with my surgeon too. I don't mind surgery just the.bruises from the iv. So I think I'll be fine. But I'm sure I'll have more questions.


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I'm glad you feel happy with your surgeon. I think that's really important. I'm sure you will do just fine.

Be sure you keep us posted on how you are doing!

If you have any questions, we'll do our best to give you an accurate answer.

If you have any other worries, just ask!

Best of luck to you!!!