surgery tomorrow help

I just thought about something. When I had my last surgery they put a dressing over my butt. With the.cleft lift did they put any dressing.over it at all? I'm just wondering because my last one made me feel as if I was wearing a diaper and it was super uncomfortable.


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they should put padding over it, shouldnt be nearly as much tho since they are not trying to catch a bunch of drainage because it is closed. Just in case its bleeds a little around the incision or tube if they are putting one in and so nothing gets on or into it.


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My son had a big bulky dressing on it for a day or so. He said it was not too pleasant, but only a day or so, then we could remove it. Underneath, the wound had steri-strips on it, and this was a bit of an issue at the bottom, when he *ahem* went to the bathroom. We did have to remove some of them because they got "soiled", but doctor said that's pretty much the way it is. More annoying than anything else.

I'm sure every doctor has their own way of doing things, so your doctor may do it differently. I'd discuss it with him, just so you will know what to expect.


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It'll be ok -- a day or two of mild to moderate discomfort. Within a week, all that will be forgotten, and you will be well on your way to being done with this forever!

Small price to pay, in my opinion!

You'll do great!


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you will want to keep something on to catch drainage in the coming weeks though, you may get a sudden bloosh of serous fluid, I filled up a gauze pad of it and didn't know, hubby was like uh-oh! and then there was a gauze change to do.....
What kind of drain did he have? Was there a lot.of pain? I went back to the doctor today and I am all set to go for next Friday at 1:30 so I have to be there for 12:00.
Yes. I'm doing great. And got the cleft lift done last Friday the 14th. Pain wise I was in pain had to take some percasets that they gave me. I went to my doctor Monday for then to take the drain out. I took a percaset before going. I'm still in high school so Friday I took a half day and Monday and Tuesday I was out. But I'm doing good. Ohh and I have to put some benodine? On it
Courtney, I'm so happy you are finished with pilonidal disease! I'm proud of you because you were an advocate for your own care! You did great!!!
That's good! Be sure to let us know how it goes! My son said the pain of the surgery wasn't nearly as bad as the pain of the abscess and it's treatment! I'm glad to know you are well and truly cured!