surgery tomorrow help

What kind of drain did you have? My son had a passive suction drain, a bulb with a tube into the wound. A couple of times a day, we'd drain the liquid from the bulb, then squeeze and plug it, and it would continue to collect fluid.
Yes. I ended up having the same thing it wasn't the funnest thing in the world and to be honest I hates the thing. To walk around was a pain. And I didn't really understand how to use it. They told me it was all.about gravity. Well idk what kinda gravity they were talking about because that liquid had a lot of up and downs.
Yeah, my son thought it was a pain too, but fortunately it wasn't in very long. It's not gravity, it's passive suction. Anyway, it's DONE! Yay!
So far
Monday:drain out (took 1pain pill 1 hour before)
Tuesday: stayed home from school
Wednesday: went back to school
Next Thursday: I go back to doctors.
How is your pain? Are you still taking anything for it? Percoset? Ibuprofen?

You've had a remarkable recovery! My son was the same, although I've seen some here that take a bit longer.

A bit of advice -- next Thursday, are they planning to remove stitches? If so, take some pain meds before you go. My son found this to be rather painful. After that, remember to baby the scar. It is new skin, and is very easily chafed and irritated. Either keep it covered for a while, or wear loose clothing that will not rub or chafe. My son had some chafing on the scar from the seam on the back of his shorts. It healed with some neosporin and bandaids, but was annoying while he dealt with it. Baby that new skin!
No. Mine is on a cheek. It keeps bleeding a little. So I think it's because it's directly where I'm sitting so with all the weight at this point and time I'm not very concerned.
I don't think he did, but I wouldn't worry too much about it. This is all part of the healing process and the fluid will be reabsorbed by your body. Of course, if it becomes very swollen, red, warm, and very painful, you should have your doctor take a quick peek to be sure there's no infection! If you have none of those, it's probably only temporary.
It's actually pretty funny I wrote that before I went to bed lastnight anyd now the fluid is all gone. I see the doctor this Thursday. Everything is looking good. But I also don't have a medical degree.