surgery tomorrow help

Went back to the doctors today. He said I'm healed and have to go back to see him in a month. He also said under no circumstances am I allowed to horseback ride (although I don't). He also said nothing strenuous for 3 more weeks. He put pressure on the area where I thought there was fluid.but it didn't hurt so he said.not to worry about it because.when he performed the cleft lift/flap lift surgery he sewed it passed the.mid line a little. So other than that I'm good.
Wonderful news! Congratulations!

One thing you could do, if you want to -- you could start a thread here detailing what you went through. You'd be surprised how many people you could help! There's a remarkable number of people just like you, but who haven't had the surgery yet! You could be a big help to someone out there!

Anyway, I'm so happy you are done with it now, and that you are all better now!

Pardon the pun, it's all behind you now!!!
Looking back. I can honestly say this was the best thing I ever could have done. I experience no pain. And if I wasn't an avocate for my own body I wouldn't have gotten this far.