swelling on my lower left butt cheek

this morning i woke and had a piniching feeling in my lower left butt cheek,

to the right side of the cheek, it made me feel that theres some in between my lower butt cheeks

i checked with a mirror(something i never do)after having the abcess surgery 1st, and then laid open fistula surgery. and i thought mmmm it looks slightly swollen,

so called my g.p and am just back and he comfirms a slight swelling

he says it not near where my laid open fistula was done,

but closer to where the abcess wound is, but still a fair bit away,

he said its not red looking, or hot to touch

he said it could be either just a buid up of fluid

or a start of infection in my butt cheek

its not painful (well not at the moment) just a pinching feeling

he gave me nothing and told me to keep an eye on things and come back in jan

if the swelling was still there

any heard of this, ive not done nothing to causing swelling
some1 anyone, with any sorta idea, its as if it a pocket full off air, no hard lump or bits just swollen soft tissue that stings/pinching feeling but not sore to touch or press:confused::confused::confused:
It does sound like it could be an infection, but it's not really possible to tell and I'm no expert! I'd follow your doc's advice and wait, as there is not really much you can do. I think it's a good sign that you dont have pain!

You may get more response posting on the general board rather than UK- just a thought!