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Keep posting, please! It is quite helpful for me (and I'm sure, others) to follow someone's story as it's happening, rather than read a final report after everything's done which tends to gloss over the details. If it's not too much of an inconvenience, I'd love to still read updates! [8D] Thank you so much for everything you've already posted, too.
I have been working now since yesterday. It is a new job that I have started. I have been taking my pain meds on my way to work to help with anydiscomfort I may feel. So far so good though. My only problem has been just getting used to being on my feet all the time never thought I would see the day I was grateful to sit down again. I took my first REAL shower yesterday too. It was soooo nice to stand fully naked under warm water again. It was really relaxing. It sorta unnerves me though because I am just that scared of an infection. I really don't want this to reoccure. But I am really beat. I have been at work since 6:30am (now after 1:30pm) and up since 4:am. Best Wishes everyone. Have a Great Labor Day Weekend!!
Mine started bothering me when I felt a soreness on my tailbone and looked to see what appeared to be a pimple, but the sucker wouldn't go away!

It got to the severly-itching point, but I didn't scratch it, to my recollection, nor did I try taking any tool and rupturing it, althoughI tried 'assuming' a position that involved lying on my side with the INTENT of doing something about it! heh heh

Mine never drained or anything like that, although I think I had sweat 'issues' in the area when I was around 16. Maybe that was a clue that something was happening, but I had NO idea why the area would itch, and then I would scratch it, causing it to bleed.

Good luck!

I don't know if an ultrasound can give any insight regarding a pilonidal cyst. You can do a Search on here to find any relevant words...
Now I've been working for 4 days and I feel like I should be shot. I take my pain killers before I leave for work (I work in a dog kennel) most of my activity is walking dogs around a track outside and cleaning up after them whether it be in their run or in the yard. There is some strenuous cleaning that is done as weel every other day, disinfecting and the like. Lucky though cause I don't get a chance to sit at ALL during all of this. The bad thing... the lack of exercise has caught up with me. I am still healing on time from what my husband is telling me. I will go back on Wednesday to have them check for any infection. There is what my husband calls a white color to the tissue surrounding the opening. Is this normal?? I worry now about infection because I soooooooooo don't want to go through all of this again. Well best wishes I'm gonna go take a nap and try not to think...hahahaha Good Luck all
Okay....... that makes me feel better.... although when I changed the dressing there was some mucus looking (very small amount) stuff on it. No foul odor or anything... doesn't look like pus does... I'd almost say tissue like. *pouts* Please let it be nothing..... sound familiar to anyone else??? Obviously it is Labor Day weekend and everything is shut down on base.. I could go to the ER tomorrow, but I think I can hold out till Tuesday when normal hospital open. *pouts*
Good Day all... hope everyone is having a good day that is. I am doing alright I suppose. I am "venting" out my backside today. I went to work first thing this morning (5:am). I just jumped in the shower about an hour ago and really just relaxed. I have no "hole" left. I have completely filled the "void". Now it is a matter of it scaring over right??? What happens next??? I have no idea as to what to expect from this thing now. I am getting a slim coming out of it too... kinda greenish yellow in color... doesn't smell or anything... but what is it? Should I be concerned???? Anyyyyyway.... hope to hear from someone.... Best Wishes All..
It sounds like you are describing wound exudate, a byproduct of healing. Mine was/is sort of a dirty green color. If there are no signs of infection I think you are fine.
Yeah.... I know what you are talking about... have seen it in the veterinary world.. just never thought to apply it to myself because I can't actually see where it is coming from all I can see is what is on the guaze. Thank you for your feed back makes me feel better. I go tomorrow to have it checked for infection anyway and so the can see the progress on it. Best Wishes all....
I just thought I would pop in and give an update. I am almost all covered over... as there is no more "filling-in" to be done. It seems to be taking forever. I have been keeping it covered though as instructed with a wet to dry dressing. I sit and let it air from time to time and my husband (God Love 'em) is still taking a swab to it every now and then for me. It is waaaaay sensitive to touch still and I can sometimes feel it when I sit without paying attention to 'how' I am sitting (I move rather quickly out of postion when that happens). So far so good. I wasn't able to get in on Tues. or Wed. to have them double check for infection (but I really think there isn't any--no signs of it). They are closed today for a "military training day" so I will go tomorrow. Well buzzer on the oven is going off.... Best Wishes all. I will continue to post. Good Luck
Well I went just now and had my incision rechecked. I have been instructed it is time to have my surgeon recheck it as well (he wanted to NOT see me again till I was healed). Capt. Henderson (my nurse) said it looked good only a milimeter at most left and she saw no need in keeping it covered with wet-to-dry dressing. *pssst* little secret- I've not been keeping it covered here at the house for the most part, long t-shirt's round the house, hubby didn't mind hahahahahahaha- Anywho... I will try and make that apt next week then with my doc. It is still tender and I still take pain meds when I am active (like for work and running all-day errands). I feel good though. I just hope that this is it for me and I have no more reoccurances. Wish me luck... best wishes to everyone else to. I will continue to keep you updated.
grrrrr.... okay I have a question... I have like an acute stinging pain where I am supposed to be healing. It doesn't appear to be getting any smaller either. My husband tells me all looks the same... no drainage or anything like that. Is this normal??? Should I be concerned. Keep in mind all I've had is a lancing. Any thoughts?? or extra ???s I should be asking about all this?
I had the same thing for a while after it healed. Tone down the activity and take some Tylenol or something.

Okay... I wasn't able to get in this week to see my surgeon (he is gone till ????--won't tell me its a military thing). They wanted me to let someone else take a look but I wasn't comfortable with it and asked if they would just call me when he was back. They couldn't promise me anything. I have a raw area the size of a pencil eraser left to heal. It feels like it is taking forever to scar over. I still have an acute stinging every now and then mostly right after cleaning it. It is raised a little in the corner makes me wonder if I over healed (if that is possible). Anyway.... life goes on. I've not worked since Labor Day weekend... no hours available. [=(] But I have kept somewhat busy working around the house. Hubby likes having me home as well. ...Well I'll keep ya posted. Best Wishes everyone[:eek:)][:I][:eek:)]
Well... all is well. I still have just a tiny tiny raw slit-like spot. I am doing well no more pain. I still can't bring myself to sleep on my back though. Just can't do it. I can sit normal and go about my days as usual. I still get a little bit of wound drainage (the good kind) but I was intructed to use wipes to help keep the area clean. I just wanted to check back though. I hope everyone else is doing well. I am not working right now they don't need me it seems. Sucks cause I really could use the money. Anyway... best wishes to you all. Good Luck!!
Yeah!!! No more raw area. Still never got back in to see my surgeon. Do I need to at this point though. It is all scarred over. Itches from time to time. I figure it is just the scar settling so to speak. I still haven't been working am keeping busy with shopping and redecorating the house. I will probably not post much anymore unless I have some HUGE change. I hope I have been of some help. I know I have appreciated being able to post and to share my story. I have also appreciated ALL the feedback I've gotten. I wish everyone the best of luck. My thoughts are with you.
Sounds like you are doing great! I am very happy for you. I have appreciated reading your post and hope the healing continues to go well! :D
Hey All...

Just a quick update.... things are still healed. Only problem having is the minor itch from the scar settling. Still semi paranoid about it coming back. I have been working past few weeks (somewhat strenuous stuff) and no discomfort other than my feet hurting cause it has been a while to be upright but I am sure some of you know how that is when your cyst is bad then you have a surgery or lancing.... laying down is your only friend. Anywho.... hope all is well with you and Best Wishes!!![:I][:eek:)][:I]
Okay I have a question.... My husband took a look at the scar the other day.. he said it looked like it had streched as though it is now wider?!? Do I need to be worried??? I have also had a problem with what I hope is just sweat between the cheeks. I keep myself clean and dry as much as possible. Should I be concerned about that as well??? I have never had a problem with my backside or had a cyst before all this happened... just a bit annoying ya know.... any ideas from anyone or advice would be appreciated. Thank you and Best Wishes
Hey All!!!

I hope everyone is doing well. I know some of you out there are really having a hard go of this. I just thought I would check in - have been without a computer for a bit. So far so good for me. There are occasions that I sit wrong and can feel my scar stretch and I immediately have to reposition myself. Well, I chalk it up to the scar. I keep all apendages crossed that I won't have another flare up. I am a real sissy when it comes to pain and needles and hospitals and the like. I can't remember where it was I read this but I was doing some research (both on-line and in our base library) but there was a possiblity that during a lancing if the right are is cut and those cells were forever damaged I just might have a chance of no reoccurance. The only thing... it isn't like my surgeon was wearing a microscope when he did my lancing... ya know. I guess my question is how probable is this?? Let me know...

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