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So yesterday at work I slipped and busted my ass good... this morning I wake and I have that ohhhh so familiar feeling... I am worried... I really do believe I am having a flare up... for now I feel "it" when I sit or if I am leaning with my butt against something. This is how it started last time. I am worried. I have some left over Cephalexin from the previous encounter that I plan on starting for now. I want to see how it is in the morning before I go rushing off to my doctors office, but I don't want it to get sooo bad that I have cellulitis again. Oye Vey.... any suggestions/advice?????


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Rest! Take some anti-inflamitories or something to keep the swelling down. Take a hot bath (rinse the area really well after) to help with swelling also! Good luck [o+o]

It is now midnight here and I have done nothing but toss and turn (rather carefully mind you). Pain (1-10) is about a 3 but annoyance 20!!! I am sitting on my knees in a chair sideways with my butt hanging off just to type. My husband took a look at my scar from my lancing and he said it is now very very deep purple in color. No obvious swelling but I feel like I am sitting on a golf ball. *pouts* It is snowing outside here as I type and now I don't know if I could even drive myself to the doctors office as there is already a foot of snow on the ground. I don't want to do this again. I really don't. *sighs* Best Wishes to you all.
Oh no! I am so sorry to hear this. I know how it feels to start getting your hopes up! I am praying you won't have to go through EVERYTHING again...

Okay now it is 12:28 in the afternoon here and everything is about the same... more annoying than painful... no drainage... blah blah blah. I can't even get my truck out to take myself to the Doctors cause there is a good five foot of snow blocking my garage (THANK YOU MR. SNOWPLOW). It only snowed a good foot and a half throughout the night and it is now a heavy snow/light rain mix. It is supposed to get just above freezing by late this afternoon and drop again when the sun goes down. I just called in to work for tommorrow (as I am supposed to be AT work by 6:45am) so I can "hopefully" (keep fingers crossed) get to the doctors office. I have been taking the meds as I said before to try and pre-empt this thing. So far so good....
Yeah... I have a cyst... I can feel it... it is just near the old scar. [V] I was hoping I wouldn't have to ever deal with this again. I tried going to the Dr.s on Vetrans Day like a big idiot (keep in mind I am in Germany stationed to a military base and that is how I get ALL of my medical needs met) and well... everyone has the weekend off till Monday. I am trying to make it through till then as I would REALLY REALLY like to have the same surgeon since Dr. Subramanian worked hand in hand with a colo-rectal surgeon during his first years and knows more about this than the surgeons availible to me. Sooo keep your fingers crossed I get through the weekend okay. Best Wishes to you all.

Well I am back.... couldn't really tell when I left the site wouldn't come up for me for a few days. I went in hospital on Monday. They decided to send me over to surgery again. I was lanced and drained all over again. This time they used an epideral though because on the last one they did general and I had respiratory complications afterward (I have asthma). Must say it is really weird being paralyzed on purpose. Never really know how much ya weigh till ya can't move yourself. This was a different Dr though. My first one has left for good to another base. :(:(:( This other guy packed me and told me to remove 12 inches of the packing material a day but to not take it out (GROSS!!!!!). He said to also take warm water baths daily. If the packing falls out I am not to worry though!?!? Just leave it out. He believes the pocket isn't deep enough to warrant constant packing!?!?!? I don't know. This time my husband took pictures for me so I can see what is going on, but there isn't much TO see. This time though once I am healed the Dr wants me to come back so he can remove it rather than wait and see as we did last time. Right now pain is at about a 4 (out of 10). I am on Percocet again but this time they put me on Augmentin. Anyway... that is my update for now... must go and get off my backside. Best Wishes to you All!!


wow, after reading your story, I am now pretty worried about my own "little friend". I'm 29, male, and am in pain. When I went to bed two nights ago, i had a little bit of lower back pain. I just thought it was a sore back from moving some stuff in my house. When I woke up monday morning, it was a little difficult getting out of bed. By lunchtime, I had taken some tylenol and was experience some moderate pain. I went to my doctors office immediately after work and half way through explaining my symptoms to my doctor, Dr. Gruzin[philadelphi], he said, "pilonidal cyst", referred me to a proctologist and gave me a script for darvaset(mild painkiller). Last night I might have gotten about 3 hours of sleep. No position is comfortable, and the pain increased substantially. I actually asked my parents to come help me get to the procto for an emergency appointment. My first trip to the procto, was not realy what I was looking forward to. He didn't even get me drunk before he started doing "things" to me. The cyst/ abscess is nowhere near the surface, and through some insertion of needles, no puss pocket could be found. I am to return thursday, and hopefully will have a surfaced abscess. I am on 2000mg of cefalexon/day, and using a moist heating pad to try to get the thing to surface. If I sat down in a tub right now, I fear I would not be able to get out. I can't believe this is happening to this point in the year to boot. I teach during the day, and missing time from school is just not good in the eyes of my principal, plus grades are due this week and I still have more testing to perform. My grad psych final PRESENTATION is scheduled for weds. night, and I haven't been able to prepare anything. The most comfortable position for me is actually sitting on the toilet leaning forward, resting my elbows on my knees. TThis truly sucks!
-By the way, I am watching Buck Rogers, and eventhough the last time I saw this show was about 20 years ago, I find that I am rememberring everything about the two episodes I have watched so far.

I hope your problem doesn't repeat itself. Mine also felt exactly as if I have busted my ass(tailbone) in a fall that never happened.
I'll try to keep up on the status of yours and my well-being.
Pain scale I am at 8 right now. I have taken two Percocet and I am really wishing I had the Demoral I was on while in the hospital. I was able to sleep last night for short periods of time. I would just try to get as comfortable as possible and drift back off. Then I would wake up again cause I'd moved myself and without warning OUCH!!!! *snifles* I want this to end. I hate this. My husband hasn't been much help to me because he is on 12 hour shifts right now 6pm till 6am. When I need him he is either asleep or gone. It is really hard getting around and doing things on my own. Ohhh give me strength to get through this.

GOOD LUCK REDDSCOTT on your bought with this. I hope you are able to get things taken care of soon. BEST WISHES TO YOU!!

Okay so last night I took my first "warm water bath" as instructed. I don't know about the rest of you but I always feel better after I have a fresh dressing put in/on... just feels more clean. So seeing how I have been istructed NOT to remove my packing except 12in at a time, I was feeling pretty icky about my dressing. Well,I made sure the tub was good and clean. Whilest sitting there though I could feel a little bit of the packing material hitting the side of my butt cheek so I pulled on it a little. Then I pulled on it some more, then some more... needless to say I ended up removing a good 7 feet of the stuff!!!!! It is this small width stuff that had betadine on it. Well, that left a rather (to me) golfball sized vacancy in my rear. Panic set in that now it would close wrong. Although I was told not to worry if it came out just to leave it out and let it heal. I went this morning to my PCM and spoke to Capt. Henderson (the angel of a nurse who helped me through the first one) and she took a look for me. Said everything looked okay, but she wasn't allowed to pack it if the surgeon said not to. Defeated, but a little more relieved, I left. This surgeon is taking a completely different route than the one previous had planned out for me. Capt. Henderson said that she wouldn't let them cut on me anymore unless they were taking it out from now on. I told her I felt the same cause I was under the impression - that is what was going to be removed this time. I do feel better now that the packing is out. I don't have as much pain sitting and I just feel cleaner (if that makes sense). Anywho.... I will let ya know what happens... Best Wishes all!!!
I know you had no choice in the manner but I do not understand why they have not done a full removal on you already. A full removal could have easily been done under general or spinal and you have had both. I mean I had a big flap procedure done and I had general. If it flares up again then i would tell them to just remove it when you are out.
Lady-- I know.... I told the new surgeon (who actually was the one to discharge me from hospital last time) that Dr. Subramanian said it would be removed should it return. He said he wanted to lance it again let it heal then remove it. But the wound care this round is completely different. I am terrified of infection though. Leaving the packing in but soaking in baths?!?! I would think that would warrant bacteria to take up residence. That is partly why I pulled it out last night. I just hadn't expected 7 feet of it having been packed (keep in mind was only 1/4" in wide). I went to have it checked out though they said so far so good. I am soooo worried about infection though. This now has me out of work till after the holidays. Once it is healed he wants to take it out and that won't be for at least two weeks. AT LEAST.... *pouts* I hate military docs. Actually wouldn't be so bad if I were stateside, but here I am VERY limited. Anyway... best wishes to ya... hope you are doing well.
for the persons who's cysts started off looking like pimples mine look like that to, They are not sore or noticeable at all i only noticed it when i was getting dressed Im really scared that it will get worse but is there any way it could be anything else but a cyst and if not is there anyway i can prevent it from growing or getting worse??? i will take any advice please help!!!
So I am now four days post second lancing... I have no packing in my butt (although I believe I should) and so so is about how I feel. I don't have any constant pain, more just when I sit wrong or move the wrong way. I am still doing my daily "warm water baths" although I feel like that is just an invitation for a second infection. We'll see. I am sorta down about things today as there are work-related things I wanted to take care of and this is putting me back at square one. Anyway... I just wanted to stop in... Best Wishes to everyone.


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Why did u get a second lancing? Why not have it removed after the first lancing didnt hold up? From reading what people have gone through on this board, sometimes the lancing is worse then an excision.

Good luck with this one
Well that is what I thought was going to happen as it was the plan my surgeon, Dr. Subramanian, had. Unfortunately as I am a military wife stationed in Germany, I went in this time to a new surgeon as mine has left. I told him of our previous plan and he even read it in my chart but wanted to start from scratch all over again. So here I sit, yet again [:^][:^][:^] frustrated beyond belief. After this heals though he is supposed to schedule me for excision. CrAzY[|:)] I know. My hands are tied.
Hello All...

Well I have a follow-up with my surgeon on Tuesday. I have been doing my daily "warm water baths" I can't say I feel as though my "wound" is really clean afterward. So I thought I would give a "sitz" bath a try with Epson Salt. I will say it was a bit uncomfortable at first, bit of a "pain" [:xX]sitting there, but I feel much cleaner afterward and my husband took a look for me and said it did look MUCH MUCH cleaner than it had in days. It still is sorta stinging a bit but I feel fresher in that area. [:I] I am sooo over this though. Get it out I say. Wish me luck for Tuesday. Best Wishes to you all though.
Well had Dr.'s visit today. Come to find out my original surgeon is actually in another country at the moment. Anyway, he should be back next week. Doesn't matter though, also found out that my new Dr. was reporting to him during all this anyway and the two were collaberating on my treatment this go around.

I am supposed to start keep my wound covered as it is not quite at the surface but really isn't draining anymore either. They are afraid the tissue is going to start drying out. So, now he wants me to take a wet 2x2 (sterile saline) and press it into the area (don't pack) just fully cover it, then apply a dry guaze, and tape into place. I have a follow up in two weeks. At which time he is hoping I will be one week healed over completely. He said he will wait till after the holidays to do my procedure that way I won't have to be "sunny side up" during that time. Unfortunately it means I won't be making a surprise visit to the states for my mom's 50th birthday. (I'm sure she'll understand-it WAS going to be a surprise so not like she knows) for my wrist that the nurse soooooOOOO loving shoved an 18 gauge catheter (or rather tried to shove) into it my hand is still numb. Now I have shooting pain in it should I move it this way or that or my wrist is hit or sometimes just touched. The skin at times feels like it is being burned if you just graze across it. Dr. said he will send me to a neurologist if it doesn't improve within the two weeks before my next follow up.[:^][:^][:^][:^][:^][:^][:^][:^] Stupid nurse she should have stopped when I told her my hand felt like it was on fire and was hurting.

So... Best Wishes to all of you recovering right now or just having to "deal" and Best of Luck to those going in surgery soon. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!![oyo]Turkey Butt[oyo]
Well... I am finally DONE with my Augmentin. I am in no need of Percocet anymore. YEAH!!![:8)]

I am still covering the area though cause I am not completely "filled in". My hand is still extremely sensitive to touch and movement. [:^]

My husband and I are leaving for the week though to go to the nation's biggest Kris Krigle Markt. We are also going to visit the part/town of Germany I lived in back from 1985-1989. It should be rather interesting and very exciting for us both.[o+o]

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving... will pop back in when I return. [:I]
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