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Have fun while you are away! Hopefully the trip will help take your mind off of the cyst for a little while. Just keep it covered and clean and you should be okay until you get back to the doc.
Well I am back from our week-long trip. I got to see where I lived as a kid when we were here last and finally show my husband where I was from and grew up. Things went well. I took all my medical supplies just in case something should happen. So far so good though with the healing process. I have just a small area I am worried about. Seems to be closing a little weird this time. I have an area that "feels" (can't really see) like it could close over leaving a small pocket, but not sure, too small to try and get anything in there. I go back to Dr.s on Tuesday this week and will find out from there what it is we will be doing next. I still have a numbness to my hand from my IV mishap. So I will have to get that checked out probably. Still sensitive to things touching it or just grazing past.[:^][:^] Not sure how that will all work with my returning to work since I do have to manage dogs and cats. Anyway... just wanted to pop in.
Well had my follow up with my surgeon. He said it looks good, have just a small small spot that still needs filling in. We set my date for surgery.... it is Monday, January 10th. I will go in a week before that for all my pre-ops. [:xx] He said he is going to inject me with blue dye so he can see where and to what extent of tissue needs to be removed. FUN. He told me that he will more than likely be removing tissue all the way down to my tailbone. He also said he is going to use some sutures, but that he isn't sure about how he is going to close (if he closes) till he actually gets in there and sees. He also told me to expect to be out of commission for 4-6 weeks. That being said I turned in a resignation letter to work. I've not really been able TO work from dealing with this since it started, so I would rather take this time to be "normal" for the holidays rather than working my ass off (pun intended) before my surgery, especially knowing how long it will take to heal. He also made sure to mention that should he use sutures that I have a high probablity that it will come open on its own due to the location. DUH![D:(] I have also been referred to a nuerologist for my hand. As I still do not have feeling in part of it and get some really weird and sometimes painful sensations in it now.[=(] Anyway.... that is it for me for now... I have to be getting some errands done.

Hope all is well with everyone. Best Wishes[:8)]


Thank you for keeping us posted. Smart thinking to resign now so you can get out and about while you can. If there is a positive spin to this, one could be at least it's winter and not beautiful Spring days that you will be laid up inside for.

Do you have a hobby, like knitting or reading that you can enjoy while you are recovering? Do you have a lap top to put on the floor to use while laying on your stomach? That is how my son used mine, or did his homework.
I am already planning out what it is I will keep myself occupied with. I am a bit of an artsy fartsy type so I have plenty hobbies I can do, not to mention I LOVE to read. My doctor said he would go into more detail about my procedure when I come back for my pre-ops because he wanted to look into some things for me. I had made a point of mentioning this site and having heard of a new technique being out there *cough*Dr.Bascom*cough* . I don't know if it will do any good as this is a military facility and we all know how the government works. The staff though are familiar with me at this point so I am at least comfortable with them. Especially since now all 68 of them have seen my backside!!!I'll keep ya posted.... thanks for the feedback... sometimes wonder if my posting does any good. Was a newbie to this when I started so I wasn't exactly sure if it would do any good.

Best Wishes
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