The infection keeps on coming back!

Hi everyone, almost 2 months post op now, 3 weeks into packing the lower part of my wound since it opened after being stitched originally, just a quick question...where they are packing it, it keeps becoming infected, now is the third time since the start of packing it's become infected, aswell as keeping it so clean and antibiotics, are their any other treatments to prevent it becoming infected again?


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Hate that :/ I feel your pain on that.
Infections suck.
Just whoever is packing it always have them make sure no hair, skin, etc is in the wound.
Also try and possibly find some antibacterial gauze to pack the wound with (that's what I did) and I stayed infection free from then on.


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Possibly different antibiotics? They don't really sound like they're working? Also silver nitrate can be used to burn out some bad tissue.
We have had short term success by applying a combination of a prescription antibiotic metronidazole cream and packing with a salt infused gauze called Mesalt which a few drug stores sell but you can easily order online. Unfortunately it returns when we stop using this treatment but would be doable to continue packing long term. I would avoid surgeries until last resort. My son has had four and needs at least one more for a possibly related annal fistula. First try shaving until laser hair removal can be done, washing with hebicleanse which can be found behind counter at pharmacy without a prescription. The laser hair removal is not cheap but may be worth it in the long run to avoid surgery and some insurance companies may pay if you explain the circumstances. Hang in there and keep talking!