Third occurrence of cysts

Hello everybody, I'm a male, about 23, and very hairy (so I fit the typical description of someone who is likely to get cysts).

About a year ago, I got my first cyst. After a little research and talking with a few doctors, I decided to go with surgery because the recurrence rate tends to be low. There's a very well known and capable surgeon who has performed many of these surgeries and barely any of his patients have had cysts again. He performed closed incision surgery. After about 4 months, I had cysts return again.

I weighed my options, but considering this cysts was constantly (and I mean CONSTANTLY) bleeding, to the point where I had to wear feminine pads so they wouldn't ruin my underwear, I figured I would try surgery again and hoped that they MISSED a cyst the first time, rather than it being a new one that formed. My second surgery ended up being an open incision surgery (which was much better than the first surgery, contrary to what I've read).

Now, it is less than two months since my second surgery, and there is an abscess that is leaking puss and blood near my anus (which is a symptom I experienced before both of my first cysts), I'm seeing a doctor next week but I'm fairly sure I'm going to be informed I have another cyst.

If this is the case, I think surgery is not a viable option. To be physically limited for months at a time to only have the cysts come back? I'd be better off lancing them and learning to cope with them and hopefully learn prevention techniques.

I guess my question is... are there any reliable prevention techniques, or ways to cope with this disease for anyone else who has had a similar issue? Should I see a dermatologist to look at the skin down there? It seems that I'm going to have to live with this thing... I've read that hygiene obviously is the best prevention technique, but from what I've noticed it was not particularly unclean down there.

Also, I'm a music teacher and I travel between schools, so I drive a lot and I often sit on the ground with children - but I have been very particular and careful about how I sit (I got a driving pillow and everything), so I don't think those have irritated the issue...

Happy to hear any advice, hopefully some positive words,



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cleft lift....

open and closed are the older techniques surgeons used to use, my surgeon said they are outdated and shouldn't be done anymore since they don't and closed just remove the ick but don't fix the real problem of the area...

the cleft lift moves the problem skin area out of the bad part so it fixes the real problem will be probably left with a C shaped scar but it will be off to the side and out of the crack so that it's no longer a problem....

here's a list of our USA cleft lift surgeons:

out of the US surgeons: