Tiny cyst.... HUGE nightmare

I had a pilonidal cyst bust around this past Halloween without any pain at all. It was kind of a shock to see blood on the back of the toilet seat. Then after Thanksgiving and into the New Year it was oozing green pus off and on so I had it lanced on January 4th and was also given antibiotics. I went back on the 28th because it had busted again and was given a stronger antibiotic ( Clindamycin to be exact) . I finished it and then had a smaller flare up that drained over the weekend. I've never been so uncomfortable and depressed in my life and was wondering if I need more time to heal. Just wondering if I thought I should be a lot better sooner than I was thinking. It's really tiny but terrible.


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Sorry JRL2011 welcome to the club. These things don't heal quickly... Months.. The anitbiotics get rid of the infection, the healing will continue... But it won't if it keeps getting reinfected.. You'll need to keep up the antibiotics as long as that keeps happening. In my case they decided to operate when the drained cysts got reinfected before it could heal

There are ways you will discover to help deal with it and combat it.

You might eventually need a surgery. So far it's just been drained... And the hardened wall remains there and in most cases come back over and over.

You're so lucky that A. it's small and B. It's not agonising.

Regarding the blood I used to wear boxer shorts and converted to trunks which hold a pad (combine) easier. Just don't know your situation and how much you've read about antibiotic washes, site baths. You'll have to develop a routine to try and minimise the recurrences

No reason it won't just remain small, and in the same place since its draining so easily?
Thank you! So I should go back to the doctor for more antibiotics if it starts draining again? I haven't had much trouble since this weekend and that was less than the other times. I was just afraid I was going to have to start planning surgery. I get a little paranoid sometimes.


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hmm remember I'm just a fellow sufferer, so you definitely might want to keep visiting your GP (be a pain in the bum), they wont want to constantly give antibiotics, especially the strong ones like Clindamycin. they will eventually decide with you to refer to a specialist and go down the path towards surgery if it's unmanageable, you will decide when. . Your GP could probably organise an ultrasound for you, It won't be the first one they'be seen :. and it will give you and everyone else an idea what lies beneath. They'll probably want a wound swab of the discharge too.

I've had GP's that dont offer antibiotics at the really inflamed stage and some that do. It has to be treated as a serious infection but at the same time they would like to see your body fight it.
I've let my body fight it for 20 years and it was a losing battle... for me it developed and each time it drained it damaged more tissue. I would have been better off doing something about it in the first few years.

Yours does sound different to mine though.. the cysts are visible, red, grow and eventually burst after a lot of pressure and pain, then drain from the weakest point. known as a 'flare up'
But you don't mention the pain or the flare up cycle... just repeat drainage? I reckon you've had a couple of flare ups? People here will contest to hundreds of them over many years... others will say it only happened a few times.
If it's just a sinus that drains, the ultrasound could be useful to understand what's lying beneath... a specialist will probably just know on sight.

Back to your question about should you go back to the doctor next time... you want to go there before it drains in the early stages of inflammation. If it is inflamed or the skin around the area is red (main indicator)... and there's some deep/light pain there.. it's infected, If there's no pain and it's draining clear liquid... it may not be infected and antibiotics have no use. It might be something you can manage.... dressing it properly is important if you manage it yourself. People will have heaps of suggestions if you ask about that.
My cyst has been very painful, although it wasn't at first. They have taken a sample of the discharge and I have heard nothing back. I'm sorry I haven't' been thorough but there's so many details. My husband tells me to leave it alone. No soaking no putting stuff on it and so far it's been better off by leaving it alone and just keeping it clean. My flare up cycle before my lancing was flare up bust flare up bust. After it seems to be around every 2 weeks but this time, thank goodness, it didn't last forever.
One suggestion for the new joiners into the club. I feel that it is good to have surgery and get it addressed in the early stages. Else, even if it is small and you are on antibiotics it will somehow form tunnels under your skin without any symptoms. Then it will be difficult to deal with especially if the tunnels are in the midline. I wish I had dealt with it early and saved my cleft from excision.
I hope it's still considered early because I think it's been here before it became a problem. It busted in October without any pain and then kept swelling up and draining over the holidays. After I got it lanced I actually started slowly feeling better until Wednesday. I'm going to see my doctor today.
My doctor just cut out whatever she missed and stitched me up. She feels confident she got it all this time but of course I'm in doubt because of all the things I've read.
I don't know. I have not looked at it yet. I haven't taken off the bandaging. The cyst was slightly on the left side of the cleft. I will let you know when I take the bandaging off. This stuff scares me so I'm kind of afraid to look. I have to talk myself into it
The stitches appear to be going down the left side of the cleft but I can't see it well so I will have my husband look at it when he gets home tonight.