I have been suffering from pilonidals for as long as I can remember and seem to get a nasty flare up every 6 months or so, which usually involves a week off work. When it's not flared up, I barely know it's there, but the flare ups can really be unmanageable until it finally decides to come to a head and drain. I've been to the Drs and they don't seem overly interested, plus I've read that recovery time after surgery is long winded. Usually just get given antibiotics which don't seem to do much. Also sometimes end up with a fever.

Anyway, to get to my point. My last flare up was in November and I've booked to go to New York in March and it keeps playing on my mind "what if the bloody thing flares up right before we are to travel". I couldn't imagine sitting on a plane for 8 hours with it in full beast mode.

Was just looking for any suggestions to keep my mind at ease for the time being? I've started using medicated soap on the area for the last few weeks, not sure if it will help or not.

Thanks for reading
Ask your GP for a supply of antibiotics, take Epsom salts with you or buy them over there and bath in them every night and buy a coccyx cushion from Argos/Lloyds/anywhere online apart from eBay - they're terrible.