Trying an Alternative to Surgery

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If I had discovered what this was before my infection and lancing, I think the natural way would have been better for me.

My boss has suggested some remedies that I will be trying for the next 3 weeks. If this has not shown improvement then, I know the Dr. will want to do surgery. I feel comfortable with him, though. He is not a "cut first and ask questions later" type of Dr. He really doesn't want to do it, but if I haven't improved by then it may be the only option.

When I started reading this thread, I was looking forward to seeing how the alternative remedy progressed. It was disappointing to see this experiment get bogged down by arguing.


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Yes, I know Hank and I'm sorry for that. But there are people out there that dont believe and wont give alternative remedies a fair chance. I cant say too much negative about anyone who has tried this and not had good progress, but for some to come on here and slam this alternative method without knowledge of the remedy just gets me a little ticked off, so again I apologize

Hank, I have been extremely fortunate that my cyst wasnt like many on here. If I would've been in pain like alot of people on here, then I would've gone to a doctor and went from there. I dont know if I would've been so patient and actually tried this remedy. This remedy isnt for everyone, if you have the time and arent in the pain and would like to just see how your body responds to this, then I encourage you to try it. Otherwise you might want to try a more medical procedure

What remedies has your boss suggested to you?
He suggested the tea tree oil and there are a number of vitamins and herbs that he is going to give me tomorrow.

I really do want to try this. Not only for the cyst but it is healthy anyway. I really wish I had thought to look up info on the cyst years ago. Now that I now what the signs are, they were there all the time. The "pits", some swelling, I just figured this was normal and everybody had this.

When this got infected I knew something wasn't right. I have also been diagnosed with degeneritive disc in my back. I thought my back was acting up but it felt different. It felt like someone had punched me just above my tailbone. Then it started swelling. Then I started getting fever (102-104). It swelled to the size of an orange and the day I was going to the doctor it started oozing the nastiest smelling crap I have ever known.

When I got to the doctor, they knew immediately what it was, cut a hole, and mashed on it for 45 minutes to drain it. It has been almost 2 months and I am still having to pack the wound. The doctor said this normally "burns out" around the mid to late 30's. Hopefully with the natural treatment, I can bypass the surgery.


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Hey might want to read UK_Man's post about tea tree oil. After seeing what it did with him,you probably dont want to put it on as a topical. It helped him heal, but from the outside which is the wrong way to approach this cyst.

Good luck with whatever you try
quote:Originally posted by JT-Part2

Ok guys and gals......the latest on my treatment. Its been pretty much the same. Blood and tissue is pretty much an every day thing right now. My cyst seems to be elongating at the moment. I'll post another progress report in a couple of days
so its not working??

what is the name of your alternative medicine..

if it is working.. how is it working??

how about posting the side effects aswell.?? or at least posting when its not working as well as when it is???

and BTW thats not my email address ;)

From what I've read on the tea tree oil, it is more for killing the staph infection. This along with taking vitamin C and Zinc will help the immune system. This is what I will be trying until I see my doctor in 3 weeks. I know he wants to try to let this heal up before he does the surgery.


Hmm, i have just read the post and am now willing to offer my ten cents worth.

I think it is right for Woody to question you JT. I feel that promoting HR's may lead to people unfairly viewing HR's as a long term solution. Yours is specific, but people may turn to even less conventional techniques, ALso people may be pushed away from surgery when really there is no need to be so long as the medical team is A+.

However, ones own medical treatment is their own choice and so long as everyone knows the risks of HR's i have no problems with you presenting your views.

Could you explain exactly how this HR will 'heal from the inside out'. Do you feel the tissue will be 'expelled'?

Also, i feel you have mis-stated that 'more drainage is good'. In my experience the onset of heavy drainage immediately lead to acute complications? how do you reconcile this?



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Jeff, you have completely missed what the purpose of this thread is. Its not to promote Home remedies in any way. Its to give an account of my experiences with these products I'm taking. And If someone that is interested in this alternative treatment, I will tell them everything I know of it. But Woody is not one of those people. He has already had two surgeries and just comes on here to blast me personally.

Yes, I agree Jeff that if you have a good surgeon and staff on your surgery then you will probably be fine as far as surgery goes. But just because you have surgery doesnt mean that your cyst wont come back. And if there is any chance that a cyst might come back, I would much rather try an alternative method and see how it works verse surgery.

If you arent able to drain, thats when you have real trouble out of your cyst and it becomes acute. Mine has never been acute and the rate that i'm progressing with this, it never will. From the looks of what the cyst is doing, I do think that eventually it will break apart and expell pieces of the tissue that makes up the cyst. My cyst has moved a good inch down from where it was before, and it has moved closer to the opening. And instead of being compact, the cyst I mean, it has be come longer and narrower, I dont know if its doing this because its been broken down. I'll just have to wait and see for that.


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I guess I have some pretty good news, for me anyway. For the last 4 days I've had alot of bloody tissue come out of the opening. And as of lastnight, the cyst is extremely smaller than it was days ago. Hopefully this will continue.

I have been on this treatment for about 8 weeks or so now. So even if this treatment works fully, it isnt a quick fix. But IF it does work, it is a non-restricting and painless fix.

So in other words it goes back to what a person wants to do. They can either take a more evasive measure with surgery and go through the long healing time and STILL have a possibility of recurrence, and not to mention the expense of the surgery.

Or they can try an alternative method that may or maynot work depending on there own body. An alternative method such as the one described in this thread is also alot LESS expensive, But keep in mind, no matter what measure you decide to take, there is STILL the possibility of recurrence

I hope that I'm not labeled as someone who pushes alternative methods, I just want everyone on this board to know of EVERY option. Ultimately its your decision on what method is best for you.

I would like to add something. After reading back through several pages and threads I guess I was shocked at some of the comments made by members on this board as far as alternatives go. For someone to say that a Homeopathic remedy is not going to get rid of a persons cyst is just plain WRONG. Nobody knows for sure what it will do and what it wont do, thats the whole point of homeopathic and alternative remedies. Everyones body is different, so the reaction wont be the same with everyone, just as you find in medicine prescribed today. So quit making comments that IT WONT work, because all you are doing is giving visitors and new members false information.
Hey JT-PART 2 I didnt mean to upset you on surgery and alternative medicine.

After u posted on shreshtha's reply,I went through the alternative medicine discussion and wondered if 5 years back I had done that,I wud have saved a lot of money and pain.

I think what I said-""Surgery is the 1st and last option"" was ignorance.I wudnt ever say things which I dont know well and this probably is just that.
<<The only problem I've had is heavy drainage with a foul smell, but its never been infected.>> (paragraph 5)

Perhaps you mean your wound has never been 'inflamed.' If a culture were done on the foul smelling drainage you describe, it most definitely would show plenty of bacteria, i.e. infection.
How wonderful that an alternative to surgery has closed your sinus, substantially reduced the size of your cyst, and healed your fistula and skin irritation!


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Yeah, I really wasnt expecting it to do as much as it has so far. As long as this progress continues and the cyst gets smaller, I'll be a happy camper[8D]
To the question "What is pilonidal disease?"...
the ASCRS states that 'Pilonidal disease is a chronic infection of the skin in the region of the buttock crease.'

The very condition implies infection. Not every cyst is active all the time, and not every cyst becomes inflamed, but ALL foul smelling drainage from a pilonidal cyst is infection. Regardless of your wife's back wound.

Blood is sterile, urine is sterile..pilonidal drainage contained bacteria in 75 out of 75 cultures in one study.* 100%

58 had (only) anaerobic bacteria 77%
3 had (only) aerobic bacteria 4%
14 had mixed aerobic /anaerobic bac. 19%

* Journal of Clinical Pathology

I'm done with this topic, I hope your cyst continues to heal up.


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To the question "What is pilonidal disease?"...
the ASCRS states that 'Pilonidal disease is a chronic infection of the skin in the region of the buttock crease

Mombec, Just because you have a Pilonidal cyst does not mean you have Pilonidal disease. If you are prone to recurrence then yes I would agree that its a chronic infection and that you would probably have pilonidal disease, but having ONE PILONIDAL cyst does not constitue pilonidal disease.
I'm sorry JT, you just don't have enough scientific understanding for me to continue this dialogue ... if you want to think that your foul smelling drainage that has been occuring off and on for a year is not infection, go right ahead.

And by the way, by sterile (re: blood and urine) I mean that they are free of bacteria. A healthy person's blood and urine DO NOT culture out any bacteria if tested. This is not up for question. Bacteria in the urine or blood = infection.
Hey JT,

I just read through this thread and wanted to thank you for taking your time to post your results from HR treatments. I found out I had a PC a few weeks back, of the acute kind. It swelled up, but has been lanced and seems to be healing up. I had a bit of drainage prior to it swelling up, and haven't had any drainage since it was lanced, so I think my cyst is somewhat different that your experience.

However, I have read about everyone elses experience with cysts getting infected again and needing to be lanced again. Also, my doc recommended surgery ASAP, before it comes back again. I did want to try out a HR first, though, and found your posts very helpful.

My question for you is, and you may not know since your cyst has not ever been infected, would you recommend the Hepar Sulf and Silicia treatment for people whose cysts are not draining, and are in a benign state between infections? On the one hand my cyst is not bothering me right now, but on the other I do not want it to swell up again.

Thanks again for your posts, and please pardon my unfamiliarity with homeopathic remedies. Any guidance you could provide would be much appreciated.
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