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From one of my contacts in the UK....

"Your friend should go to his family doctor and ask to be referred to Dr Asha Senapati. She is Consultant Surgeon at Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth, England; she has a special interest in this condition."

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Dr Asha Senapati - Queen Alexandra Hospital Portsmouth
She uses a procedure called Cleft Lift which originated from Dr Bascom in the States
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This is to anyone that needs a limberg flap procedure done in the UK. The guy that did me was called Richard Cohen, he has a practice in Harley Street London and does work in St Marks hospital Middlesex (joined to Northwick Park hospital). Apparently people come from all over the UK for his expertise. I can see he has done a very neat job on my crack!
UK -London Surgeon

Prof. Allen-Mersh. Works in Cromwell and Chelsea +Westminster hospitals (One being his private practice, and the other NHS).

Used the Karydakis flap procedure although he said that in my case, my condition was so severe that it was necessary for him to use the Karydakis, therefore not sure what he would use for just one cyst etc.

Excellent surgeon, definitely knew his stuff (well it felt like it anyway). Will say more but I guess thats for other forums.


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I had two operations at the Chelsea & Westminster hospital in Fulham for incision and drainage of a pilonidal abcess, under Mr Henry. (one in April, one in July) my initial scar site began bleeding from a small blister in it's middle, so my nurse sent me back to see my surgical team. At the clinic, I saw three doctors in the space of 20 minutes, each of which told me something different. One had actually operated on me on my July surgery (this was the first time I had seen him) and when I asked him what was going on / what was next he suggested they cut out all the old scar tissue from the first op and start again. Being the NHS this would be in three weeks, with 8 weeks healing time - I'd already been three weeks off work recovering from the first surgery!
As you can imagine my faith in my surgical team had reached an all time low, so I contacted Mr Roger Leicester a colorectal surgeon who had operated on my father for Crohns' Disease and who I remembered as a very nice man. I was only looking for a recommendation of a surgeon, however it turned out he does 3/4 pilonidal ops a week, so he took me on himself. I saw him on Friday and it took him all of 5 seconds to point out I did have a sinus ( I'd always thought it was a dimple, my previous surgeons had never even spotted it!)and book me for surgery the following Wednesday.
I came home this morning, Friday, slow and sore but so grateful that I'm actually healing for the last time!
I used my work private healthcare (PPP) at St Anthonys' hospital in Cheam, but Mr Leicester also does pilonidal sinus on the NHS at St Georges Hospital in Tooting.

Can't recommend him enough, he has an OBE and they don't give those out to everybody. He teaches 5 days a week all over the world and is really famous in Colo-rectal circles. And he's a really nice person!

Good Luck to you all with your experiences,

If you require any other advice from a UK point of view please ask, I've been through this for almost a year now and have a good idea of the UK alternatives for some of the things discussed on this US site, mainly because my mum, three aunts and mother-in-law are nurses, so everyone has researched my bum at some point!
Hi Clairecita,

What procedure did your surgeon use? Karydakis, Bascom Cleft lift. I am in the process of looking for a surgeon in the South East (through the NHS).

Hi Talairan
My surgery involved laying open the sinus tract and excising my two previous scars. My scar is about 7cm long and 4cm wide, and roughly 3cm deep. I did discuss flap surgery, marsupialisation and cleft lifts with my surgeon but he thinks that these were too aggressive for me. I have had a sinus dimple my whole life which only started causing me pain last Christmas, my previous surgeries didn't remove the sinus which is why the abcesses kept coming back, so in theory this should be it for me. I've 8 days post-op now and healing well, with not too much pain, so fingers crossed it's worked!
If you want contact information for Mr Leicester, let me know.
How long have you had PC? Have you had any surgery before?
Good Luck finding the right surgeon for you
For the UK i can also recommend Dr Nigel Hall, from the Nuffield Hospital in Cambridge. He makes sure everything has been removed, the operation is as neat as it could be, minimal post op infection, if any at all.
Birmingham UK

I'm going to add Mr Ready to the list. A very dominating surgeon in appearance, but really does have an interest in what needs to be done. He also does kidneys in his spare time!

Reliable, approachable and above all, professional.

He does private clinics too if you are not on the NHS.

Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Get referred by your doctor to him (as under new NHS laws you have the right to be referred to up to four people... I didn't know this until recently!)
My first 3 excession-and-removal style operations were done by a Mr Ravi Singh-Ranger, and the 4th one (more of a flap-lift exercise) was done by Plastic Surgeon Mr Jeremy Birch which seems to have been more successful in my case.

Both were done at Swindon Great Western Hospital, and I believe both operate privately at the Ridgeway Hospital in Wroughton, just outside of Swindon.


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Can anyone recommend a surgeon in Oxfordshire/Gloucestershire area?

Can you elect to go anywhere in the UK?
Keen to know like Kizzy what the procedure is for getting referred to known specialist. Frustrated with attitude of local surgeons to my daughter's pilonidal sinus since Nov 2009. She has had excision and drainage x1 then 2 more radical excision and open wounds that eventually supposedly healed so that she was discharged 3 weeks ago. Now in space of 1 weekend whole area broken down again, infection, pus antibiotics but no support from medical staff. She'll seemingly grow out of it!!! And what does she do with her life meantime when she is in severe pain which even tramadol doesn't relieve and is unable to go to college, work etc. Desparatel need to find somone who understands how debilitating this disase is and can offer us some positive treatment to give her her life back. She is only 18 and plannng to go to uni this summer. Any help or advise would be much much appreciated


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Oxford Surgeons

Just spoken to a lovely lady in the Colorectal department at the John Radcliffe in Oxford. She has confirmed that both a Dr Bruce George and a Dr Guy perform the Cleft lift above any other surgery for a Pilo. I have an appointment with Dr Guy.
I am under the care of consultant colorectal surgeon Mr Emin Carapeti, who is extremely knowledgeable and a nice guy too. He does a fair amount of private work, but he also does NHS work out of Guys and St Thomas' Hospital in Westminster. He uses the modified Karydakis as a first procedure, and the full range of flaps (incl. Limberg, Z-plasty etc) for complex, recurrent disease.

If you wanna get a referral to him through Choose & Book, ask your GP to refer you to the General Surgery clinic at St Thomas' Hospital, then book an appointment for a Tuesday morning. At the moment, that's when Mr Carapeti has clinic.
Mr Roger Brookstein - NHS Surgical Consultant, He is based at Darlington Memorial Hospital in County Durham, he is extremely knowledgeable and makes you feel very comfortable in his care. He has never said to me that he guarantees he will solve the problem, but i still believe that he is the best surgeon that has operated on me.
I believe he also has a private practice in the same area but I would be lying i said I knew where.