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Can anyone recommend a surgeon in Oxfordshire/Gloucestershire area?

Can you elect to go anywhere in the UK?
I currently live in Norfolk and, for my latest surgery, asked referred to county Durham, my gp did so willingly!!
I would like to recommend Mr. Nigel Hall of the Nuffield/Spire Lea (and possibly Addenbrookes) in Cambridge. He is Amazing! After initially have a consultation with another consultant who recommended flat out the limberg flap (pretty much the scariest looking one with biggest scar) or if not that wide excision with primary closure that if that failed (50% failure rate) then try secondary, I wasnt very confident in my options. I then saw Mr Hall and he recommended a more conservative procedure, excision with marsupilization which I was told had an 85-90% success rate. Basically he removes the sinuses and cleans out the gunk hidden beneath, and only removes what need to be removed, then he does a stitch round the edges to bring the wound in a bit, but not close it. No packing required, Left to heal. Now I had 4 sinuses all fairly spread apart over about 2 inches, and turns out a lot of stuff lurking deep beneath, and when I had my op I was left with a hole 2 inches long, an inch wide and deep enough I couldnt see the back wall, this was five weeks ago, now I am left with a hole just over a cm long and a matter of mm deep...its incredible! and the scar is barely a line, and in my post op appoint last week I was told I was very much on the road to recovered. I am sooooo happy! (been suffering with this for 6 years before I chose to get surgery, but thats another story) But overall I wanted to sing my surgeons praises, and recommend this procedure!
Hi I had my first surgery with a Mr Glass in Ridgeway Hospital, Wilts. I wasn't happy that the methods were never discussed with me so ended up having a closed excision on the midline. I know it's the "standard of care" in many places, but I still would have pushed for a different approach if I'd ever been given the chance! I have a deep cleft being a bigger girl, so not surprised it hasn't stuck.

This time on op #2, I asked my GP to refer me to Dr Asha Senapati. I'd already seen 6 doctors who all said different things, so I went back to my own GP and she referred me willingly. I am paying for out of area treatment, but you will still need a GP referral -and paying is 100% worth it if you're not convinced your local doctors are experts in PD!
Mr Neil cripps
St Richards hospital Chichester West Sussex

I'm about to have my surgery done by him this Friday, have heard his amazing so really hoping it all runs smoothly
I found a write up he done about pilonidal sinus disease
I'd be very interested to learn how you got on with Mr Neil Cripps as I'm searching for a good surgeon for my son who has pilonidal sinus. Hope it all goes well for you. :)
Mr Michael Norwoord
Leicester Spires or Nuffield Hospitals

Just had sinus excision procedure and closure with fibrin glue no stiches, Would recommend Michael highly as this is his speciality area and from start to finish all went well. Wound is almost healed and its been 7days since op! Not sure if his procedure can be done on NHS, i went private as had insurance but at my local nhs hospital their solution was a stanard excision which put me off with the 2-3 month healing time, so i would recommend seeing a specialist first.
Dr Farhat Din of Edinburgh Western General Hospital - she fixed me up with cleft lift in 2011 and I can't say how much that changed my life, amazing. I've had it pretty bad and now I am healthy. She is very professional, provided me with a lot of care and also smiled on a couple of occasions - it's not all doom and gloom! :)
Miss Walsh, North Staffs Hospital - very straight forward and felt I could trust her and she knew what she was talking about straight away, unlike surgeons I've seen before...!
can anyone recommend a surgeon in the North West of England for a flap procedure? My daughter is 17 years old and alsready facing her third operation. he dad has had 12 ops and is still suffering from this at the age of 51, I really don't want my daughter to go through years of ops and have private medical insurance that covers my daughter. her NHS consulatant said she would benefit from a flap procedure but he doesn't do this and the surgeon he recommended no longer does private work and has a massive wait list.
Shout out for Mr Sumantra Dutta at Chichester St Richards.

Knows his stuff, warm man and did not hesitate to readmit me after the drainage bottle was cocked up at 4 day follow up. The discharge nurse didn't give me proper information on aftercare; she gave me another bottle when she saw it was filling up quicker than normal instead of getting a doctor which is apparently what she was supposed to do. The bottles have to be attached properly to create a vacuum. The surgeon is good which is what matters, but make sure you ask your questions on discharge.
North east area

Surgeon I had was Mr Graham O Dair. Surgery performed at Sunderland royal hospital and I must say he set my expectations and has been great from start till now. Would highly recommend.
Hello all,

My GP has agreed to do a referral for me for a cleft lift. Can anybody please help me with a surgeon who does this on the NHS in the London area?????

Thank you
Hi Louis,
Do you know if she accepts NHS referrals? & if so, would she accept one from my London GP?

Thank you
Hi there,

She did last June but there were rumours she was going to only do private work.

I saw her privately but it really wasn’t too expensive and worth every penny.
Hi there,

She did last June but there were rumours she was going to only do private work.

I saw her privately but it really wasn’t too expensive and worth every penny.
Hi Louis,

I have been trying and trying to call the hospital there, and the extension number they gave me to try to contact her or her nhs secretary to no avail. Would you or anyone on the boards have this information? I wanted to know roughly how long her waiting time is for the NHS? [As cannot go private]

Thank you