VACUUM pump informations

Given that I had experience with a Vac-pump and only few people here had this device attached to their bottom, I decided to write some info about it. Hope you appreciate it. :D

My whole story is here, but to be brief I say that I met some troubles with a closed wound: basically it was full of blood clot and debris that should not be there!!
I had two solutions: maggot therapy or vac-pump therapy. Both quite new and experimental. No time to order larvae, so I went for the vac-pump. I have to say it saved my life.
How it works: basically it makes a vacuum with negative pressure to clean the internal walls of the wound from blood and debris. There is a tube held by a very tight plastic dressing that goes to a mobile machine. It's big as a camera bag (I mean a professional camera bag, like a Canon Eos size bag).
What is it for: this machine is good for wound that had excess of blood drainage, closed wound that failed, very slow to heal wounds etc.
What is good about it: first it sucks out all the blood and all the dead tissue in the wound (and only for this it's worth using it!!); second by applying a negative pressure (a vacuum) it pushes up the tissue; that means that tissues will build up faster; third you don't have to worry anymore about infections because the plastic dressing is impermeable to the external enviroment and you can even go to the toilet, have a shower without any problem. People go around with it without any issue. I did not because it was raining all time (bristol weather...) but I could.

Ok i am not a doctor so I do not know if your wound deserve such a luxury, but it does not cost anything to ask your GP or nurse. If they do not know anything about it tell them to get info on internet.
I know that in some part of UK and US people is getting out of surgery room with the pump already attached to them since the beginning. It can save weeks of time and pain.

Hope it was useful. Bye bye folks [oyo]
we had a new surgeon come to our area that introduced us to the fun wound vac. so far he was having great results with it. i had had three prior pilo surgerys that just went badly so my doc gave me the option to try it. at this point i was excited because i was hoping this nightmare would be over. i went back into oprating room for my fourth surgery just to open it up enough to place the vac. upon awaking the pain was unbearable and i knew that something was wrong. the surgeon came in to see me and said that when they opened me up that they found the most severe tunneling they had ever seen. remember now that i had just gotton cut open and everything out the three surgerys prior. they needed to wait a few days to place vac because the wound was so large and inflamed. so i spent 10 days there. on the third day, the doc and a very large crowd of nurses entered the room because this was big news here. the vac was very new to my town. first the doc measured the wound. it was 4 inches deep, 5 inches wide and 6 inches long. pretty well bone down on all sides. couldn't have or shouldn't have missed anything???they placed the vac which i just can't relive that over and monitered me for several more days. i had 4 very small kids waiting for me at home. so i was released on a friday and by mon things were really wrong. i was vomiting, my canister wasn't liqued but hard solid chunks and the smell comming from me and it was unimaginable. so i saw the doc who immediatly thru my machine in the garbage. i was than hospitalized for another 10 days because my body was rejecting the vac and making me violently ill.i was honestly so ill from that machine that i thought i might die. they hooked me up to oxygen and i.v.'s and were running blood like crazy. now because my wound size was extreme, here comes the task of packing a wound that big. they litterally had to sedate me to shove over 12 feet of gauze up my crack. my family was horrified that they would be packing this when i went home. i got sent home with moriphine pills and totadol and percosat. all to be taken together before a dressing change. and remember me earlier saying theres no way they could have missed something. well a month later i was headed for my second cleft lift. i've had three pilo surgerys in the last 9 months but 5 total.
Manchester30;72436 said:
Pilonidalslaughter - was the wound vac painful? Thanks.
Hi Manchester,

not at all. Indeed it was really useful and without any discomfort. The only problem was the noise, day and night, but you get used to it. And no problems with bleeding, infection etc.
So I strongly suggest it [:8)]
pilonidalslaughter;72506 said:
Hi Manchester,

not at all. Indeed it was really useful and without any discomfort. The only problem was the noise, day and night, but you get used to it. And no problems with bleeding, infection etc.
So I strongly suggest it [:8)]
Yep, I had open surgery - a seaweed derived packing for the first week and then aprox 5-6 weeks of the vac dressing. It has def sped up the healing. I'm now on a normal dressing (no packing) and things are on the mend.

As quoted, the noise can get crazy but that can be an indication that there may be air escaping. If done correctly it should be fairly quiet and the noises around a sec or two apart. If not then it may well be leaking air.

The nurses here had given me surgical tape etc that they used for the dressing so I was able to fix the dressing between visits if it became noisy.

If poss (depending on your wound location/size) ask the nurse to track the pad off to the side of your hmm... butt and attach track pad so that the hose attached to track pad is at around 10 or 2 o'clock (depending on which side they track it to).

This will help for sitting or lying and also means you can pull your pants up without getting it caught on the tubing!! Ohh, and alternating the side of your butt each change will help with general skin irritation.:rolleyes:

If there is pain/discomfort ask to have the pressure reduced. The first week I had the vac on it was at 125 (???) which was pretty uncomfortable for the first hour or so and also when trying to sit (driving home from clinic...).

It was reduced to 75 the next visit and that did the trick and also reduced some of the noise.

A good trick for having to go into public with the vac (supermarket etc) is to use a lap top satchel or something similar (a bag you can sling over one shoulder that can hang near your hip) that you can put the vac into.

You can wind most of the tubing back into the top of the carry bag that the vac comes with (up until the connection bit) and the remainder can be tucked into your clothing (jeans,track pants etc) so most of the tubing is out of the way in the bag -no one would ever know!!

This is where placing the track pad out to the side of your butt helps as well.:cool:

From memory that's about it...[oyo]