What happens if you just leave the wounds alone?

Has anyone had pilonidal disease for years? Like you have the hole above your crack that leads to the large open area in the crack that fills with hair and other debris. What happens if you just let it be? Will the hole get bigger and bigger and go all the way to bone?
you can continue to develop more sinuses next to the existing one as time goes on, and if you try to live with sinuses, chances are extremely likely that you'll be battling painful and annoying infections over and over and over again. that is what my doctor told me when i went to him with a sinus i had been living with for two years that became really infected. and to drain an infected sinus hurts.. a lot.
The risk of leaving it is that the sinus will continue to track under the skin (making and octapus like pattern). I have been through the same process of considering leaving it (out of sight out of mind) but it will not get beter on its own. Go to the Dr, pull your pants down and get it over with - trust me after that first time it becomes water off a ducks back.

To put it in perspective for you. I left mine for two years, the tracking was extensive and I had to have major surgery. While waiting for surgery I has infections, blood poisioning and extream pain. If I let go of my pride and dealt with it sooner - it would have been much easier.
Thanks Ben and Mark, my son will hopefully have surgery in December and everything will be taken care of with the cleft lift. The whole thing is making me sick seeing how the disease literally eats away flesh. So messed up!
I dealt with mine for two years before having surgery. I was still in college and it really takes a toll on your mental wellbeing. You begin to have this nagging thought that you have some kind of deficiency which prevents you from participating in certain activities. Also, it likely made my surgery needlessly worse. I'd recommend taking care of it so that you can get on with your life.
I let an abscess to for 2 months before having I&D done once, mostly because of a series of horrible experiences with doctors. It was miserable, I was in so much pain that I couldn't do anything, and they couldn't numb me for the I&D, which was absolutely horrific. That being said, that was an acute abscess that was infected and not draining.

I haven't had surgery, and I was diagnose in 2002. The flares are getting worse. It's getting to the point where I can't do much of anything without angering it. It abscesses about twice a year, and I have to go through the wonderful incision and drainage procedure. They keep saying if it does it again I should see a surgeon, but I'm not going to rush them. It sounds like a miserable recovery and I have no insurance, plus I have 4 kids that aren't going to raise themselves.

It depends on your specific case and on your doctor. A lot of them love to operate, some are conservative. I think you should educate yourself on the topic and see a doctor or two for an opinion. Everyone is different and so is every case. Just know there will be some pain ahead. I have Crohns, so I'm kind of used to pain. Not everyone is.