What kind of activity can I do? (first post)

Hello I am new to the site. My name is Clarence. I am seventeen years old and I live in southwest Florida. My surgery was on February 20th, 2014. Before my surgery I partook in hardcore football workouts at my school for two hours five days a week. I believe I had the excision with open healing. My doctor said that I had two separate cysts, but they were very close to each other, and that combined m I had the surgery where the abscess is removed and it was not stitched up. Instead they put what they call a wound vac on me. This stayed on for about eight weeks. While wearing the woundvac I didn't really think about After the wound vac was taken off I had gauze packing changed twice a day. This went on for about four months until the wound was finally closed. During this time I gained more than thirty pounds, making me really wanting to work out again. Once the wound was finally closed my doctor had me wait six weeks to begin physical activity. After the six weeks I began workouts again. My doctor said that I could do pretty much everything except for squats. I worked out for about a month just fine, but then my wound re opened. Now this time only a small portion of it opened and it only took three weeks to heal. Now it has been six weeks since closing and I'm planning to start working out again on Friday. The thing is that my doctor is a work out freak and will pretty much tell me to do everything, and my specialist who did the surgery was very not specific on what I can do. What limitations should I have. I'm obviously not going to squat hundreds of pounds, but can I do any leg activity?, can I run?. I'm really just trying to get answers because I don't want to reopen again. Thanks.
I feel for you. I had a closed surgery and started working out 1 month after the procedure which led me to get an infection in the area so they had to open me up again. I don't think it's good to squat all the way to the ground or deadlift heavy. Also I have this idea that bench pressing is what really messes up tthe area because off all the pressure you put on the tailbone. However before this last incident I had an open wound excision and I lifted weights and even did jujitsu and wrestling with no problems for 5 years.