What next?

So I've discovered I have a pilonidal sinus. I don't know for how long I've had it as it causes no pain in the area. The other day my girlfriend said to me "What are those holes at the bottom of your back?" and these holes were brand new news to me! Sure enough though, there are 2 sinus holes that look exactly as all the pictures of sinus holes do, right on the sinus track.

Initially I was bit concerned as all roads seemed to lead to having a wide excision, which is something that seems not unduly scary. However, now that I've done a little more research I see that this isn't exactly the case.

My plan as for what to do next is:
- See GP and try and be referred to Jon Lund in Derby, which is only 1 hour away from me.
- Keep the area as clean as possible
- Sit less and try and improve my sitting posture (less slouching!)

The reason I want to be referred despite not currently being in pain is that the NHS ball rolls extremely slowly. I don't want the condition to get worse and then discover I still have months to wait for treatment.

Is there anything else the forum residents think I should be doing? Thanks for taking the time to help.