what type of antibiodic?

What type of antibiodic were you perscribed to treat a pilonidal cyst infection, if any? I would put choices but I only know the names of a couple. I might redo this after I get a consensus.


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Even though I don't have an infection right now, I'm taking an antibiotic because of a prep for excision. And the antibiotic is Cephalexin- 500mg, 3 times a day.

I forgot which one I got for when I had a flare-up.
Keflex (also known as Cephalexin)
Metronidazol (also known as Flaggyl)
Augmentin (also known as Amoxicillin or Clavimox)
My pilonidal cyst has been recurring for the past 7 years and I jus had a major one lanced. Before it was lanced I was prescribed Levaquin, although there was some disagreement among the doctors about whether this was the best choice.


My doctor prescribed Keflex for my infection - I had excision surgery about a month later and the surgeon said there was no sign of infection. [8D]


I was on amoxacillin (sp) but all it did was give me the worst yeast infection of the year so I couldn't finish the meds.
I have been on Clindamycin 300mg 3times a day. I'm also pregnant so the choice may have been due to that. (oh and it didn' work either, still needed a lancing)
I was given a 10 day cycle of clindamycin, which was awful, and after 5 days my surgeon told me the ER shouldn't have given it to me and to stop immediately. But as most people know, NEVER stop taking one before finishing the dose,especially with this one. I know I don't miss the midnight feedings and medicine breaks!!
Before my surgery:
Clindamycin (gave me extreme diarrhea)
It's been 4 months now since my open surgery and I haven't had an antibiotic since. They all made me sick in one way or another!
Im allergic to Augmentin
Im allergic to Erythromycin
Ive had so much Flucloxacillin that my body sees it coming and laughs
Im pretty desparate to find an antibiotic that works on them now.