which part of packing hurts most for you?

which part of packing hurts most for you?

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Tail Bone

It really wasn't bothersome for me at all, they really soaked the gauge before and after.
I think they are both equally as excruciating, except that packing it in takes longer, and removing it is generally pretty quick. [xO]
Neither one hurt me at all. I could feel a little bit when it was taken out but no pain at all, and I didn't feel a thing when it was packed back in. It was so numb inside I couldn't feel anything.
I only had the gauze packing in my wound once. I never felt it going in but the pulling out part was worse then I imagined!![:xX]
Pulling out the packing , especially! after the surgery was hell for me.:eek:

Putting the packing in was bad as well but slightly better.
I feel a sharp pain (even when I take pain meds 1/2 hour before hand) when it's pulled out, but its short. Packing in hurts too, but not quite as bad.

I take a shower with the packing in letting the water run over it to soak it pretty good, but it doesn't matter, still hurts.
misred76;12920 said:
Neither one hurt me at all. I could feel a little bit when it was taken out but no pain at all, and I didn't feel a thing when it was packed back in. It was so numb inside I couldn't feel anything.
same here. yet it hurts so much to stand up or sit down :confused:
I just learned that if it gets wet before removing it; it defeats the purpose!
Neither, I've been really surprised with the packing over the past month and a half, no pain going in or taking the gauze out pre-shower. But yes Cricket, just wetting the bandage does nothing! If you can't get it out or it's too painful, then soak the bandage first then take it out, but make sure to run the water through that wound! [x0x]
When i had the lancing done, the pulling out hurt worse than putting it back in. When i had the surgery, they would wet the gauze first, and it would hurt a little, but very very little. Now (two weeks later) I don't even feel the gauze some out, and i can feel the gauze go in, but it doesn't hurt
The first time they pulled the packing out it was extremely painful and I didn't expect it. The packing was in there for two days the first time because Dr was closed. They gave me lidocaine to put the packing back in but the needle probably hurts just as much. The more frequently they changed it the less it hurt coming out but the repacking always hurt. Lots of fist clenching kicking the table and cursing for me! I apologized though to the nurses. I don't usually curse.
Both hurt like hell! I soaked thru the paper on the doctor's table a couple times from crying. I don't remember which hurt worse though. Luckliy after the first 2ish weeks, it went numb.
As long as the packing was wet (after a sitz bath, for example) it did not hurt much coming out. Packing hurt more, but my husband did it and was VERY gentle with me.
I've had two packing experiences. My first experience was easily the worst pain I have ever felt. Both packing in and out was excruciating. The gauze was so long, it was like a magician pulling the scarf out of his sleeve. The first experience was after a drainage. My second experience was after surgery. I was actually left wth a closed wound with stitches. There was no need for stuffing, but my body ended up regecting the stitches and getting infected. My wound had to be opened, so that my doctor could remove my inner stitches. After that I was left with an open wound in need of packing. I hardly even feel any pain this time around with my packing. It feels strange when packing it out, and there is slight discomfort and pain when packing it in, but it really isn't that bad. I am being packed with much less gauze this time around so that definitely has to do with it. So I think that the answer to this question is different for everyone situation.
I just had my first packing removed. It was a stinging and weird feeling to the point where i cried taking it out. I felt like it was never ending. Packing in on the other hand, i didn't feel a thing, it just felt awkward. I recommend using a lot of saline and soaking gauze in tub for 10-15mins.
The best way to remove the packing with no pain at all is to remove it while in the shower. I was instructed to take my fast acting pain medication a half hour before my in house nurse came to pack my wound, wasent fun but helped. The nurse also gave me some wound gel she would put on the strip and I healed really really fast.