Won't heal

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As far as I understand it, you CAN test for bacterial infections!

I myself have had several swabs done (a large sterile cotton bud is gently swabbed in the wound) and they can test for bacteria. It takes a couple of days to get the results back, but then when they know what's in there, they can prescribe appropriate anitbiotics.


I am in the UK and had my perianal abscess removed 4 weeks ago and am left with an open wound around the size of an egg and 4mm deep. It is on my left bum cheek close to my bum hole - fun having a poo with a mirror - NOT!!!

They have told me I have overgranulation and have been applying lyofoam along with aquacel to the wound now. Everyday I get a different storey from a different nurse who dresses it. I'm fed up with the lack of consistency regarding my wound management.

Yesterday the nurse said there was green puss and it smelled. Today the other nurse said it looks nice and healthy and red with the overgranulation reducing!!!

I feel quite lucky, I have been signed off work for 7 weeks and am on full pay. But from the pages of this website I can see it taking much longer to heal - and when I go back to work I am sitting on my bum all day at the computer!!!!!!!!!!! AAARRRghhhh!

Anyway, I have an idea - how about the government find a way of inflicting these vile things to convicts in prison as it is one of the most horrid things in the world to give them!!!

Also - I have been told not to walk anywhere so my fragile would heals better!!! Damn I'm bored of Trisha!!
I figured there was a way to test for an infection. Fed up, I completely understand what you mean. It seems you get a different story from everyone you see. I feel as if nobody really knows whats going on and I will be stuck with this open hole forever. I will just have this surgery and hope that it stays closed and it will do the trick. I am just scared if this doesn't work that I will be back at square one where nobody knows anything.
I have been taking the Levaquin that my primary prescribed to me. I can already tell a difference in my drainage, (smell, color, amount). My surgery is scheduled for Dec. 6th so I getting more nervous everyday. My wound is still about 2 cm deep and about 3-4 cm in width. I have been told that they will re-excise it some and then stitch it up. I am dreding this because I had some stitches with my last surgery and it made it even more uncomfortable. Is there anything special that anyone has tried to make this thing heal any faster or something that I should add to my bath water? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

My wound hasn't healed for about 2 weeks. It has been leaking a lot of liquid (that smells a bit) and bleeding too. They have prescribed my oral anti-biotics along with this powder antibiotic that is sprinkled on the wound.

Apparently it dries up the wound and kills all infection - I will let you know how it goes.

BTW I'm in the UK so I don't know whether you have such stuff in USA for free?
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