Wound broken down - again!

In April it will be my 4th Pilonidal birthday! And unfortunately, it doesn't look like things are getting better. I had my third operation in May last year and until last month I had no bother with it. It became tender sometimes but apart from that it was fine. However, my scar tissue began to swell and as it always has, it began to drain from the bottom part of my scar where the skin is very thin and can break down easily.

When it slowed and eventually stopped over the course of a week (I was on antibiotics) I thought it was fine, although my scar tissue was still quite swollen but hard and not squishy. Following a 4 hour train journey it burst like a blood blister (which was wonderful, I had just come home from a holiday). All that was in there came out, scabbed up and got better. During this time I requested an emergency referral to see my surgeon.

It feels like it's doing the same thing now but I haven't heard anything and it's been almost a month! I am very upset and frustrated. Being almost 21 I am quite keen to move on with my life and be independent, however I feel that this cannot be achieved as it keeps going wrong. Does anyone have any advice or something to make me feel better?
Hi Rose I m sorry you have been up and down for so long , I have been reading your posts you too have rough times as myself had many surgeries , I hope we will find a permanent cure for it soon , I still dont understand what kind of surgery did you have ? is it the new technique cleft lift or some sort of flaps , I always pray a fast complete recovery for all of us ,hang in there sister there's always a light at the end of the tunnel
Thank you Farid, your support is very much appreciated. My most recent surgery was where they scooped out the bad stuff, stitched it mostly and left a drain in (I had to carry it round in a bag, it was so much fun!). They never tell me the proper name for these things so I don't really have any more of a reference than that. I've got an appointment with my consultant, I actually found him on here and I can understand why he is so well recommended. It's not until the 24th of February though, so I've got a good month to wait. Thank you for replying, I always find it helpful to come on here and find support from people that are going through it themselves.