Wound come open at the bottom, what is the treatment for this?

I had the closed surgery, karydakis flap, 4 weeks ago. Stitches out 1 week ago but the bottom section of the incision has come apart, what is the treatment for this?

Thanks in advance
Hi Heather thanks for your reply, in the end I had to get the opened section packed and have been for the past 3 weeks, starting to reduce in size but such an inconvenience going everyday to see the nurse!
Oh goodness, my daughter's looked like it was healing but she had a big fluid leak tonight. We have an appointment with the surgeon tomorrow. Hope it's not a big problem. Hope yours has healed in the meantime.


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Hi there, mine is healing slowly, 5th week of packing now but nearly there, mine wound still does leak but not much really. Was your daughters being packed or was it closed with stitches?
It was closed with stitches and she had them out last week. The bottom part between last two stitches had already leaked but the surgeon said it had closed so he took the stitches out. It seemed fine but must have opened up again tonight. I wonder if he will need to pack it now. Pilonidal disease - the gift that keeps on giving...


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Exactly the same happened with me, closed with stitches for a few weeks after they was taken out the lower part opened, that's when they told me it would be packed from then on. It can't be closed with stitches again because it would mean there's a cavity underneath the skin which would be back to square one. Stay positive!
Well it's still draining and it smells a little. Just finished another course of antibiotics- it's just endless! It's just the tiny but at the bottom that won't close.