Wound Vacs

I just called my nurse because the pain is getting to be too much...she's on the way over now. Hope she can fix whatever is going on.
The pain started yesterday after I drove for the first time since surgery. My nurse came over and checked the pump and said everything looks good. I guess its just something I'm going to have to deal with. She put me on bed rest and she'll be back Monday to check on me. Oh the joys of pilonidal cysts! I can't wait till I'm healed and all of this is behind me ;) How are you feeling?
Im sorry , but i dont think wound vac is bad.
I also had open excision 23mars.
My wound was long from cleft almost down to anus.
So there between my cheeks isnt healed.

So if someone has a long wound between the anus is the most difficult part.
And goodluck getting to the beach, guess u mean not to swim?
Yeah my goal is to be able too swim in the ocean in July. my nurse seems hopeful that I will be healed long before then. mafiozo how big is your wound and how long have you been on the vac? How long being on the vac before you saw healing?

Have a good day :)
Mine is hurting a lil now since they are only using a tiny piece of foam and the vac is forcing my wound very close together. Im also laying on my side. As I said before ive been in bed for 42 days now. I don't have any problem walking around except for the fact I dont wanna break the darn seal.
Yes, the canister has a lil chemical packet in it that causes the blood and exudate to clump up. I looked in mine one time and the blood turned into a white crystal like substance.
For the first few weeks on the vac I was laying on my stomach and it would start to hurt my spine, then I shift and lay on my side and then that will start to hurt, then move back to my stomach? I pretty much just alternate positions that dont hurt my wound much.


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Hey mike. I pulled the tubing out on accident and the nurse can't come now. My mom is here taking the sponge out but I'm in extreme pain. She can't get it all out and I'm crying....do you have any clues how to get it out with not as much pain? I wet it with saline but its not helping.
Hey sorry I was at the wound care getting my sponge taken out, how soon can your nurse come? You can try to keep soaking the sponge in saline it will be painful, so sorry you are having to go trough this :( Update me and let me know if you got it out. Make sure you demand the nurse come out, or at least another nurse


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What a day I have had!
I'll start with the bad news. I was walking by my couch and the tube got caught and I yanked it out of my back so I frantically called my nurse who said I had to take all the sponge out and pack it....so I called my mom to come help. Well let's say that was the most painful experience of my life. I have tattoos and piercing and those didn't even compare. The nurse just left and didn't know why I was in so much pain.

Now the good news!
After my surgery I had two wounds a large one that was 5.5cm deep and a smaller one. Today the nurse said I am healing beautifully!! In fact she said the small one is too small to even pack anymore!!! The big one is now down to 2cm!!! I cannot be more happier! I guess the vitamins, wheat grass, better nutrition, are paying off.