Wound Vacs

Yeah I figured it would take a couple weeks to see improvement but every time my nurse came she said she saw improvement and yesterday my mom says she sees no improvement. :( my nurse will be here in a couple hours so I'll ask her then.
Today was a breeze...my nurse said I should be done with the vac by Friday at the latest. My incision has hardly any depth left to it which is awesome. I have a doctor appointment this afternoon...I'm hoping she'll say the vac has done its job and I don't need it anymore. I'm tired of carrying around the vac even though I know its doing a great job. How are you?
Went to the doctor...she swift things look great. She said I should be healed up in ten days. She didn't put the vac back on but my nurse is going to put it back on tomorrow...which is fine. I'd rather my nurse do it cuz she's so good at it....took a pic today but my computer won't let me upload. Oh well. You doing okay? You should almost be free now right?
Well the wound care was not shaving around my wound like they needed to, I went to my surgeon today and he shaved me, the lower part of the wound is healing slower the the rest, but I will be healed in 2 weeks maybe less
I chose a different route, for my non healing wound and got a skin flap surgery. Mainly because I feel wound vacs are a LAST resort. Wound Vacs DO work, it just takes time. Sadly, you can't use it for one day and be done. :( Good luck!
Overall I've been happy with my vac. I've only had a couple problems with it. It's definitely cut my heal time in half.

Mike....towards the end did you have problems with keeping the seal? I'm at about 2cm long and I can't keep the seal unless I'm laying flat on my back...and that's not gonna work at work tomorrow so ill probably just take the vac off tomorrow and pack it myself.
I've given up on the vac. Couldn't keep the seal no matter how hard I tried. It's done its job though, as my wound is almost healed. I took a picture tonight... and I think I have hyper-granulation but i'm not really sure how it looks. I read in your other posts you were treated for it, what does it look like?


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Woot woot! Congratulations!
This Friday will be one month since surgery. I do have an appointment next Tuesday for silver nitrate but
Other than that I'm finally healed.