Wound VERY Itchy...Possibly Healing??

Ok so for the past couple of days my wound has been verrrry itchy almost to the point of driving me insane :p I have an appointment with the surgeon tomorrow who I haven't seen in just over two months I think, so it will be interesting to see what he thinks. The nurse today that it seems a little (very tiny) bit smaller than when she saw it last week but the packing is still at 7cm on average. I don't dare say it is (the 'H' word) after last time but my fingers are crossed.

What I am very curious to know is whether this itchiness is normal for a healing wound and if the itching is because the wound is healing...not something else?

Thanks in advance :)
this is terrific news. Its always been a good sign for me. I've had to take benedryl to help with it. Give it a try!
not too well! my eyes have been doing some really scary stuff and if my cyst ruptures i guess i could die instantly. yikes!
I am not trying to get your hopes down but it could be the tape or if your having it shaved it could be that too. There is a good sign too when your itchy so it could be either or both.

Cricket, stay strong and positive you will not die instantly and the cyst will not burst. Ask the people on the new forum as they are going through the same as you read all the positive and good posts. You are one of the brave and strong person on this forum I will be saddened to see you go the opposite way.
maverick, i'm not being melodramatic about instantly dying. my family doc is extremely upset and this is urgent buisness. my cyst is now 2.5cm and extremely large. the biggest my kind of cyst averagly grows to is between 2-6 mm and mine is equal to 25mm. i have been told that if it gets much bigger it could ruptire or cut off a certain nerve or vein and kill me immediatly. my cyst also showed it was pushing against my other tissues and i have read on other forums about this and my size cyst is nothing to fool with.very serious buisness. i am pretty worried but at the same time i'm kinda in denial to the severity of the situation.

i will keep fighting and i will only go to a neurosurgeon that i'm comfy with. i will start making calls first thing mon morning. i want this thing out of my head as long as its safe to do and also if it can be operated on. theres alot of these brain cysts that cannot even be operated on so i guess we will wait and see.
Sorry if that came out the wrong way I was trying to be hopeful, I was being hopeful when I said you will not die instantly. At these times there is nothing much you can do or say. I am old fashioned and am in a 22 years old body I get upset even when I hear of a stranger going to die.

We have all got to leave this earth one day but its still upsetting. I don't want another misunderstanding I know everyone probably gets upset when a stranger is going to die. I am not calling you a stranger as you know we are friends but I have not seen you or spoke with you face to face but yet it saddens me to see you go through this.

Sometimes I think I should have not joined this forum so then I would not have to hear about what is happening to you. I could not bear it if we lost you on this forum I would never sign on again and this goes for anyone. Its just sad which is why I am hopeful nothing will happen. Anyhow you do know that I would never call you melodramatic.

For anyone reading this I am not being melodramatic but I am sad to hear what is going on. :(
i know u are not being melodramatic. i would feel the same way if it were u. as is it hurts me to see u suffer with this pilo. that is bad enough. i just cannot wait until u get your cleft lift and hopefully u will be healed.

i think its always good to be hopeful and i think its a good way to be. i am actually quite hopeful but just because i'm very assertive when it comes to my own health. i'm just saying i'm not sure how long until it gets bigger yet? i'm guessing years but am unsure so i'm working fast to find a neurosurgeon willing to listen.

maverick u are a good friend and have always been here for me. thank u!