Wound weeping 9 days after surgery

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Hi all

I has my closed surgery 9 days ago and my wound is weeping (kind of creamy looking blood). It wasn't doing this last week but its not incredibly painful. Has anyone else experienced this?

Also I have been advised to have salt baths, has anyone found these helpful?

Sounds like you're just healing! If it were an infection, you'd DEFINITELY be feeling the pain. I had open surgery so I can't say about the salt baths...although I hear they're recommended quite frequently. I wouldn't be concerned about the discharge unless you're also getting a funky smell or pain with it. Happy healing! :)
I'd contact your surgeon regarding this latest development. I too had closed surgery and started experiencing similar drainage three weeks post op. I made an appointment with my surgeon who said it was infected and he was surprised I wasn't feeling pain. Just to be on the safe side, you should have it checked. Everyone experiences things differently and it could be infected despite your not feeling pain. Better safe than sorry...good luck!
thanks for your advice, it has become apparent that my wound has also opened slightly so I have called my surgeon and am waiting for him to call me back.
Well my surgeon didn't seem all that concerned (although I have the feeling that I could tell him that my whole backside had just fallen off and he would tell me to have a salt bath and call back in a couple of days if I was still concerned.)

I went to see a GP and he had a good look and told me that it was good that it had opened a little cause at least any gunk would come out instead of staying under the skin and festering and gave me some antibiotics just in case there was some infection lurking in the depths of the wound. He made me feel much better (psychologically).

Anyway 11 days post-op and I still can't sit down comfortably, hopefully this changes soo cause I am sick of standing up to eat!
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