Wound will not heal. Ever. What have YOU had success with (RADICAL CURES welcome!)

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Hi guys, it's great to find this forum to talk freely with other sufferers.

I had an excision and open healing op last May, and it healed about 1/2 and then the last 4 months, nothing doing apparently! The nurses /doctors have been extremely passive about it, informing me that it is not healing, while continuing with the same packing (aquacel / lyofoam) and not trying anything new and only saying I should eat more fruit and veg!? Their inaction has been maddening.

I was hoping that you could recommend aftercare that worked for you - silver nitrate, salt baths, ect?

Any info greatly appreciated - as you well know it really takes over your life and deblitates you.
Many thanks
not sure about the exacts but have they thought of a wound vac?I had this after surgery and mine is almost healed.I don't know what criteria you need for it but it wouldn't hurt to ask.I would think sometimes they have to clean it like take out the dead skin,or scar tissue(sorry I don't really know all the terms)but I belive I have read some have had this done,to make it heal more.Hope some of this helps.
Hi, Fred.

Keep in mind that every pilonidal case is not the same, and your experience may be better or worse than Jared's .... depending especially on how advanced your case of pilonidals is....

But, that being said, Jared was fairly early in the disease, he'd only been DIAGNOSED 7 months before the lift. He did have alot of tunneling, but his case was earlier than most others the cleft lift surgeon had seen.

The surgery lifts the cleft, bringing it closer to oxygen, removing the pits, etc...... the belief is that this controls cysts two ways, by moving the cleft into the air, which dries it out (Bacteria like warm, moist darkness) and by the pit removal. The surgery is very simple, no deep tissue is removed, hence the quick heal time.

Jared was walking around Pittsburgh, shopping for video games, 24 hours later. Two days later he endured a three hour Greyhound bus ride, lying on his side, home.... he took two Vicodins, pain pills, but only because I forced him to, worried that the bus ride would be painful. It wasn't.
Three days post op, our surgeon told us to take the bandage off.....and not to cover it at all. That was our post op instructions.... Take the bandage off on day three.:D He had minimal pain, and was healed within 6 weeks.... it would have been two, but a small area refused to heal. Our surgeon found an undissolved stitch in there at our six week checkup, removed it, and he was completely healed within days.


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We here at this site subscribe to the theory put forth by Bascom - that the problem with Pilonidal is one that has to do with the shape and depth of the cleft. Wounds that are close to the top of the natal cleft - and exposed to air - generally tend to heal ok. It is when the wound area is down lower into the cleft and is not exposed to oxygen that they fail to heal.

People with very deep buttock clefts sometimes are only healed by literally bringing the cleft forward (that is why it is a "lift") so that there is more exposure to oxygen.

There are a number of specialists in the UK, listed down in our Surgeon Hall of Fame forum.

Yes, they stitch you up. It is a closed surgery.... nothing to pack. Hurrah!:D

Here's some pics of the wound EARLY post op..... you will notice how neat and clean the wound looks....except for the horrible glue from the bandage tape..... it was awful to try to remove it. You need turpentine to remove that nasty stuff!!:rolleyes:

I had mine done in August 08 and its now April 09!!! Open Healing. The latest effort is to stop packing it and to use Silver Nitrate once a week. To be honest, I have passed caring, and I have started going back into the gym and being active because I know it wont heal for another year, so I aint going to wait for it!! Recovering from a broken arm and collar bone took less time than this flesh wound!!
Hi Fred,

Myself and another member (louiseh),had cleft-closure operations towards the end of last year.We both had ours done in Portsmouth by a Miss Senapati,and have both progressed really well since.We both had problems with healing,both having 5+ operations prior to the cleft-closure.I would highly recommend seeing her if you are able to,I cannot praise this operation enough.
Another vote for the cleft lift here, it has totally changed my life, I finally feel back to normal and it is amazing, seeing as this time last year I had completely given up hope of ever getting better :)
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