wound won't close

Hey everyone,

So long story short, I had my pilonidal cyst lanced in 2005, surgically removed in 2006 ( with a closed incision) and this February it came back :(...I had surgery for the 2nd time on February 25, closed incision again, this time using surgical clue not stitches to close it. I spend two weeks at home basically, did everything I was supposed to. The glue started to dissolved, the top of the incision looked great, the bottom inch or so, which is into the top of my midline (crack haha), did not heal up because of the location and is open. Surgeon said it has to heal on its own and to keep it clean and so on. So now we are at two months, its still not healed, last week I woke up one day and it was swollen and causing me so much pain, so I called the surgeon and went in for a appointment, figuring the worst, and that it was infected again. Well, good news it wasn't. She cleaned out the open part of it, poked and prodded ( OUCH) and said it just needs time to heal, keep taking hot baths and putting gauze on it and she wants to see me in two weeks..

I'm just getting so frustrated and tired of this, I've read people saying they have had open wounds for so long..but I'm not packing mine, nor was I told to, so I feel like this is never going to heal...:(
I know how you feel, I've been waiting 11 months for mine to close. Theres a hole at the bottom of my wound that is starting to tunnel in again. The rest of the wound is pretty much healed.

Mine was never packed properly from the beginning either, probably why my wound keeps collapsing. The nurses keep blaming my anxiety for it taking so long to heal, a nurse asked me the other day, "do you actually want this to heal". Never felt so insulted in my life!

Today I see my useless surgeon, last time I see him hopefully, and this afternoon I will hopefully get through on the phone to book an appointment to see Asha Senapati, hoping she can fix this mess. :(