Wound won't heal (Open surgery)

Background: I had open surgery in August 2010, with no packing. At first, it seemed to be progressing nicely. Now, it hasn't made much progress at all since December. I go to post-op visits once a month and the doctor has always said that it looks healthy but it has slowed down. I've required silver nitrate to remove some excess tissue for the last 3 or 4 months. I still have minor pain when I sit and have minor to moderate drainage when I replace my gauze. I shower twice a day to clean the wound with water.

Since I'm in college, I probably put too much stress on the wound. Between classes, homework, etc., I'm probably sitting for at least 12 hours a day. I feel like I live a pretty healthy life - I've been taking plenty of vitamins and eating/drinking as healthy as possible.

Has anyone else with an open surgery had similar healing problems? Any recommendations or "miracle cures" that you have had a good experience with?
Let me hit you right between the eyes with the truth....you're most likely screwed. Get information on the Cleft-Lift procedure and get it done, trust me. I've been in your same postion several times and ultimately never got cured until my surgeon researched and performed the cleft-lift procedure on me.
I am in your same position...going on 5 months and depth is still the same. Make sure everything is draining...I seem to have been doing better since going on IV antibiotics to cure and prevent any kind of infection. Doug may be right, though...I have started looking into a cleft lift as well

Your wound is probably not healing because not enough air is getting to it. That is how we all get pilonidal in the first place, no air can ventilate that deep in our buttcracks and anaerobic bacteria destroy the topmost layer of our skin there. A cleft lift would solve both the healing problem and the pilonidal problem, so many people, myself included, are looking at it as a first resort, rather than a last one. I can not say enough good things about the cleft lift - most notably, the suture lines are moved into open air, where they can heal. The data is also remarkable from the Bascoms regarding successes. The stitches dissolve on their own, and I could sit the day after surgery. Not a hint of pain two weeks later.
I'm completely in the same position. 3 months since open wound excision. I've had the silver nitrate a handful of times and the surgeon has let me go a month without seeing him. I feel pretty good except in the last few days, I've started bleeding when having a BM. I go back to see him next week and hoping that he has good news.
Sorry to hear that. Man, i've been there several times and it sucks. Ultimatley, he's not going to have good news for you next week as there's no way it's going to magically heal at this point being it's been so long. I'm sure your surgeon is hoping it heals being that he just charged you over 10k for your surgery, but i'm telling there is probably zero % chance that'll happen without another operation. You sound like a perfect candidate for a Cleft-Lift. You should look into it.
I have a similar problem too, I had surgery 7 months ago and had the open wound proceedure. My wound has been dressed every day since the op and it's still around 1cm deep. It's taking so long, it's becoming really annoying now and even the nurses seem to be sick of seeing me haha. I don't know what I can do to aid the healing process, I'm willing to try anything!
More than likely it's not going to heal on it's on at this point. Again, I would stress the fact you should research the cleft-lift procedure and try to have it done. I was in you same position, thinking it was going to heal, but ultimately it didn't until I had another surgery. The longer you wait the longer off you are from being healed.
I was in the same boat as you are, it took a full 18 months for me to heal. Up until the last month it wouldn't stay closed and kept opening, i also had a consultation to have the cleft lift surgery but gave myself a little time to get my diet in check. You have to be 100% honest with your food intake but with slow healing for 17 months then it closed in one month of eating perfectly im convinced this was it. I bought a juicer and did a vegetable juice fast for 2 weeks, then 2 more weeks all i ate was steamed veggies, fruit, and lean protein. Along with 2,000mg of vitamin c and 25 mg of zinc i healed up and have been for 12 weeks now. The docs still weren't convinced that was it even after all the medical things i tried, different wound dressings, and even the wound vac for 5 months. Im positive this is what healed me and it's defenitely worth a try before under going another surgery.
Good Luck
What brandnw21 said is the truth: you need an excellent diet for healing. What I did was get a soy/whey protein powder mix and made fruit smoothies with it. You need at least 60 g of protein, and with a multivitamin, you'll be set. Also, lay on your stomach for 30-45 minutes a day with a fan blowing on the area to get some air circulation. I did that and found my *closed* wound excision healed right quick (there was an area that opened up and essentially, I had both procedures lol).
There are 6 weeks since my pilonidal open surgery and in 2 weeks i think it will be completely healed.
I didn't change my diet but every evening when i come home until i go to sleep i keep my butt exposed, without bandage. Air is what my wound needs.