wound wont heal

i had surgery in late sept. 2011. healing is very slow going. the dr. keeps saying it is healing just really slowly. i finally had the silver nitrate done about 3 months ago. it closed my bottom hole about 1/2 way. all was going good, no more overly bloody gauze changes. then about a month ago it started bleeding again. made an appointment and again had silver nitrate applied. this time on both top and bottom. top has pretty much closed, we thought. we cant see any holes but i still am bleeding a little from somewhere on top. bottom is closing but very slowly about 1/4 inch left. yet again for the lat week no real bleeding, just a little yellowish orange discharge.till this morning. i have been using multidex, it has seemed to stop helping. i dont know where to go from here. it sucks more because the heat seems to make me bleed more and we have had unseasonally warm weather in buffalo, 73 today. i suffer from depression and this has made it worse. i feel like i keep disappointing my kids because of wont i cant do, i have missed so much in the last 6 months. and now i am having anxiety panic attacks over summer vacations and being able to get in the pool with the kids. and going camping with the scouts. i go back on the 28th hopefully he can give me some hope... does anyone else have any ideas???? i am pretty much at my breaking point and cant seem to snap out of this depression.
I don't really have any ideas, I've just been trying to get as much air as possible to it. I can totally understand how you feel, I had my operation in June 2011, and mines still not healed. I've had silver nitrate applied on mine every 2 or 3 weeks since mid-december, seems to improve then almost comes to a standstill. Also have problems with depression and anxiety, seeing a therapist for this, I do think my anxiety/depression has improved since starting CBT Therapy, but aslong as my main cause of the depression/anxiety is still around (my wound not healing), then I'll keep getting spikes of low mood, and high anxiety. Some days for me I feel totally rock bottom, almost like giving up., I feel ok today, not sure why, Sounds weird but, I've been listening to Rocky soundtrack, it helps keep me motivated and makes me want to beat this thing. 9 months and I still don't feel comfortable with bending down, I'm so scared of ripping it open. All I want to do is play football, but I'm so scared of just bending down lol
Lisa and poolking,

Is there any chance of either of you getting a cleft lift? I've been on the forum for almost five years now and there was a young lady from the UK on here I considered a friend. All my cleft lift talk annoyed some people and motivated others. She was motivated to seek this surgery and was able to have it done. She suffered horribly through many many excisions....this cleft lift was her only hope. She had the surgery which cured her....she no longer comes on the forum and is out living her life, thank God. So while cleft lift is a bit harder to get in the UK, it is NOT impossible. Lisa, you are in NY, correct? You have easy geographical access to some very skilled cleft lift surgeons. Have you considered this option?

It is still possible that your wounds could close...but statistically speaking, the longer it takes, the worse the prognosis becomes. After six months post op, the chances of wounds successfully closing and STAYING closed becomes increasingly statistically less likely over time.

Have either of you visited a wound care clinic? some people have had limited success with that.... otherwise, I would say you both should consider whether cleft lift is an option for you.
I'm giving mine til June, and if its not healed by then I'll be getting it :)