Wow, just wow.

Had surgery on Feb. 16th for an abcess. The doctor said he removed all of it, and after the surgery I asked him if I would need another surgery. Because we had previously discussed a closed wound excision of the tracts. And I swear this doctor said no. I missed two weeks of work and had my follow up with him, where he told me (again) that I would not have to see him unless I had a problem. So last week I had some drainage and a little blood and went to the doctor this morning. he says I have an infection, And he says I need to schedule another surgery any time I am ready (he said we discussed this before, and granted, but that was before he said no more surgery for me) because he needs to take the tracts out. And he told me that he's going to take the tracts out and stitch together healthy skin over the area. But I would only have to miss one day of work and could resume normal activities pretty much immediately. just no sitting down.
I think now would be an excellent time to get a second opinion from a different doctor.Does this make any sense to any of you?Is this typical and Am I just overreacting?
Uhhhhh....yes, I think it's a good time for a second just doesn't sound right. Neither will you be able to only miss one day of work! Goodness, I had a closed incision and I am still healing from JANUARY! And when you say some drainage and blood, (This is very common, and depends on what kind of drainage it was...there is a thing called "Serrous Drainage" which happens after surgery, and is completely normal. Somehow I don't think you have an infection. Did he start you on any antibiotics? Try for a second opinion it will probably ease your mind. :)