Yet Another "Is This One?" Thread

Hi folks;

Terrified after seeing some of the horror stories and pics that this could possibly be a PC.

29y/o male
first sign: August 2014
surgury: none
treatment: topical ointment (neosporin)

This is how it started around 4 months ago (the pic is large so i will just link instead of embed):

It eventually turned into a little bump that burst one day. Some hair seemed to come out but im not sure if it was from that or just my general hairiness. It eventually went away as it reduced in size over the course of a few months. Now it looks like it is back. I noticed it within the past day or two.

The only thing that has me thinking it is just a boil or something is the fact that it is moreso on my inner cheek than it is on my midline.
Yes and get the cleft lift surgery . My cyst was above my crack under my waist they can tunnel anywhere . Go to the doctors list on here and find one close to you that dies the cleft lift . My son had it 9 days ago and it is the best thing we could have done ! They don't go away with just lancing