Your opinion please - a bit worried

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as you can guess i probably have PS. well, i have all telltale signs.
i had a boil in above in my (pardon me) butt crack (left and a bit above of my tailbone) about 2 years ago that was oozing and was a bit painful but it has gone away shortly afterwards. I thought it was nothing and that i got it because i sit a lot in my line of work (computer technician).

Then some 2-3 months ago boil came back at the same place but it has also gone away in some time. This time i got curious a bit and soon discovered about PS.

Anyway, right now i don't have any problems relating to it. boil is gone but i've noticed that the skin where the boil was, is black (black patch 1cm diameter,like you get after an ingrown hair) and below it are 2 small blackish holes. It doesn't hurt or feel uneasy (ok maybe there is a bit of discomfort today because i was poking at it) and there is no discharge that i can notice.

I would like to ask your opinion do you think that this is PS and should i be worried? Should i go to the doctor or should i just keep up good higienne and let it be?

I don't really want to go to surgery unless i have to (it'd be hard taking so much time off and everything) but i'm a bit scared when i read that PS when untreated can even lead to cancer so now i'm a bit out of my wits...

What do you think i should do?
Thanks for every answer!:)
Very well could be a Pilo. Kind of sounds like it from what you are saying. I would certiainly see a certified colon / rectal surgeon or the equivalent in your area. All Pilos seem to develop a bit different from the next.

Someone just posted recently on here about the cons of waiting and not seeking treatment sooner than later.

I think it is best that you find out for sure what you are dealing with and then go from there.

Well wishes to you!
thanks a lot for your reply
the main problem is that i have to wait ages when i want to get referred to a specialist so all opinions are rather valuable to me.

I just wanted to asses how serious the whole thing is but after reading about it a bit, i think i got ucky because people talk about golf size abcesses while my boil was a small pea size and it's now completely gone, let's hope it doesn't flare up again...

Go and get it checked. I know its a bit scary. when the doctor told me that I'd need surgery I was really scared. I had never had any kind of surgery before and was a bit freaked out. I was nearly running out of the hospital with the gown on me the day of the surgery. Afterwards was a little bit sore. I had a closed excision (they never told me why, I thought they left them all open) and getting the stitches out was a littlebit painful. But I am really glad I got the surgery and am hoping I'll be fully healed in 6-8 weeks. I had my surgery on april 7th.

Best of luck with it

ps get it checked!!!!!!!!!!
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