Your opinions?

Okay August 4th dimensions 9 cm long. 7.6 cm wide 5.8 cm deep...... Today (10 days) 7.1 cm long 6cm wide and 5.7 deep. Is this okay progress . I am only 14 days post op. Excision open healing. Please I am freaking out that I am 2 weeks in and not much change. 33 year old healthy male. No signs of infection, am I just putting to much stake in numbers?
Took two weeks for mine to look like there was any progress. By the end of week three... WOW such a noticeable difference.

Remember everyone heals differently though.
I have had surgery with open wound closures four times now. Don't worry, they all heal a little differently and it does take time, but you will get there. Take it one day at a time and try (I know way easier said than done) to be patient. I hope you get well soon.
Just an update, everything is going well or so I think as it has shrunk considerable since last week.... They say my tailbone is still exposed and has yet to fill in but I guess that could take a bit as the sides of the wound bed have to close in on it. Staying optimistic and definitely feeling More on the go.... The drainage is the worst part and always making sure I don't leak through my clothes.