Yuck, again

Soooo I had my cyst removed 2 years ago this week, and the thing never did heal. I had a closed incision and it has spent the past year opening and closing again, and I now figure it is another cyst. The doctor sort of confirmed that.

Anyway, I am now having surgery over again, only this time it will be an open incision. It is scheduled for next week. I am terrified!!!! What if it doesn't heal again and I am still packing a stupid wound in 6 or 8 months? Really thinking about this gives me panic attacks.

I am with a different surgeon now. The last one was a general surgeon and this one is a colonrectal one. He says he will make as small of a wound as possible.

Am I crazy to do this again? I don't know what else to do, I can't live with this draining thing for the rest of my life. I suppose I will go through with it, but if I am still wound packing in July I will just scream.

How did others fare after round two?
My daughter has had 3 surgerys. the second one an open wound. Healed rather quickly and nice, but 6 months later, we found a draining sinus {draining fluids and then tons of blood}, so that time we found a new Dr who gave her a Karydaskis Flap {simular to a cleft lift}, which she healed very well and so far things are good. She goes back for a check up next Monday which that will be 4 months post op.
Wishing you luck!
Sharon [oyo]
IMO, you need to look into getting a cleft lift.