Yup My pilonidal Cysyt is returning after Surgery

I had Surgery February 2012(Age 24) after having repeated boils since age 14.

The surgery went fine, i was put under and woke up with a sore bum. Had to pack it for like a month. The surgeon closed the wound with sutures but after 2 days half of it ripped open which im glad they did so it could drain because i have read the horror stories of closed wounds having a high re occurrence rate.

I have noticed a small bump under the skin a couple months ago and was hoping it was not a returning cyst.

Well it is because the thing is just huge now.

Should i call the same surgeon? Different surgeon? I don't know what to do right now. I have a wedding to go to in a month and half.
Different surgeon. Go find one on this site's "Hall of Fame" list who does cleft lifts. The recovery will be much easier.

Six weeks before the wedding? You may recovery from a cleft lift by then, but I would consider a lancing (if needed) and antibiotics to get through the honeymoon. Get a culture so you're sure you have the right antibiotic.