Z Plasty Surgery...

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I have been dealing with issues since February 2007. It began with an abscess that needed to be drained. Then, initially, my doctor suspected I had a fistula since there was continued drainage. I went into surgery assuming I had a fistula, but when I met with the nurse post-surgery, I found out I had two pilonidal cysts.

One has healed nicely, but I have had draining continue since my surgery (May 16th). Today the doc said I would need a Z plasty, otherwise my draining would continue and the area would not close up on its own.

Can anyone tell me personal stories regarding this surgery. I am going to wait until December...if I can since I begin my new semester in school next week. I want to wait for my break. Any info is appreciated. Thanks.


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To be honest, we tend to not recommend Z Plasty here. Our surgeon advisory team all uses either the Modified Karydakis or the Cleft Lift.
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