Z plasty VS open wound

hi all..

the title is clear i really need an advice from people who tried either of them..

i searched and there is zero cleft-lift surgeons in my country..

all of them perfom open wound or closed excisions..

and one of them told me he can do a z-plasty operation while inserting a tube to drain and i will be ok after 2 weeks and he tried it only several time..

so if you have the option for either of them to treat pilonidal diseace..which one you will choose?
I haven't been on this forum in a long time, but unless things have changed since then, z plasty is NOT reccomended by the site administrator. Nor by the few people on this forum in the past who have had it.

IMO, cleft lift is the best chance any pilonidal sufferer has at a permanent cure. And a normal life.

My son had his surgery four years ago and is still pilo free.... the cleft lift has been a Godsend!!!
While I am unfamiliar with the cleft lift Jaredsmom speaks of, I have have a closed excision and open excision (in that order), and found the latter to be extremely painful and long lasting. When I was referred to a specialist, he told me that a Z-plasty was my only real option, and he left it at that. Since I had been visiting this site at that time, I was reluctant to try it because of people's general opinion of that surgery option. I opted not to get the Z-plasty, but waited over 14 months for my open excision to heal completely. I've been told this may not be typical. From what I understand however, a Z-plasty will largely eliminate the possibility of recurring, but won't take care of any infected areas deeper in the body. It is a difficult decision, but at the risk of helping you make the wrong choice, I would not opt to get a Z-plasty. Any optimism from a surgeon should be "handled with care", as I was told I would heal in 2 weeks as well.
Well said, xanitos!! And while i have no PERSONAL experience with the z plasty, I have heard too many horror stories from my years on this forum to reccomend it to anyone. The problem with the z plasty is that it is a highly invasive surgery, quite different from a cleft lift....in which mostly fat tissue is cut through, not the deeper muscle and tendons/ligaments. Z plasty, for all its post op pain and suffering, has a failure rate unacceptably high....AND WORST OF ALL.....if it fails, it SOMETIMES leaves such dramatic scarring and tissue malformation that a future cleft lift is NOT POSSIBLE. imagine suffering through a z plasty only to find that it failed AND because of the scarring involved, you are excluded from ever having a cleft lift done?!!